heard the sound of his footsteps, it woke up again.

heard the sound of his footsteps, it woke up again.
Sun Hao stared at the pile of things and the magpie for a while.
A question suddenly occurred to him: if Sanhua was kept at home, would it eat the magpies within two days?
Well, that’s a problem.
But it doesn’t seem like a bad thing?
“Bad guy~Bad guy”
At this moment, the magpie suddenly screamed.
This guy actually felt it!
He felt that study classes and everything else could be dispensed with. This magpie was probably going to start cultivating immortality soon.
He felt that the three-flowered bird could not be its opponent.
Well, that’s certainly the case.
Yao Ming has already seen everything he should see. He stayed one more day saying he wanted to see more, but in fact he didn’t know what to see.
Simply, Sun Hao took him to watch Yi Jianlian’s game.
Sierra Canyon School’s opponent was a local high school, and its overall strength was not too strong.
/Yi Jianlian played bravely in the game, scoring a double-double of 24 points and 11 rebounds.
After the game, Sun Hao led Yao Ming and Wang Zhizhi down to the field.
“Brother Hao!”
Yi Jianlian hadn’t seen Sun Hao for a while and missed him very much.
He then guessed that Wang Zhizhi was also here.
Speaking of which, Yi Jianlian first discovered Wang Zhizhi downstairs at Sun Hao’s house.
/“Yao Ming.”
Yi Jianlian then also saw Yao Ming.
He watched the Olympics with Sun Hao last summer and was also impressed by Yao Ming.
China’s Moving Great Wall met earlier than in history.
Professional athletes have strict daily dietary requirements, but it is normal to go out to eat and drink occasionally.
Success is not easy, but we are still human.
The four of us went to Chinatown to have a Chinese meal, which was a great time.
Yi Jianlian’s personality is indeed much better than before, and he can be considered relaxed when chatting with Yao Ming and others.
And right at the dinner table, Sun Hao announced the establishment of an English learning class.
The current English proficiency of Mobile Great Wall is ranked first by Yi Jianlian, followed by Wang Zhizhi’s Chinese English, and Yao Ming’s level is zero.
If you want to quickly integrate into the NBA, you must grasp the language barrier.
Establishing a study class also serves as a way to supervise each other and make progress together.
After dinner, Sun Hao and Yao Ming were enjoying the wind on the balcony.
It’s still a bit cold in Los Angeles in April.
“I made a choice.”
At this moment, Yao Ming suddenly said.
Sun Hao looked at him doubtfully.
“I decided to participate in the NBA draft this year.”
Yao Ming then said.
Sun Hao was greatly surprised.
Yao Ming’s decision did not come suddenly.
“Dayao, you have to think clearly.”
Sun Hao did not give any advice, but he gave a reminder.
“I have thought clearly, the order is indeed important, but the improvement of strength is more important.”
Yao Ming’s thoughts moved Sun Hao.
This kind of awareness is not something