his career.

his career.
In the past free market, he probably had contact with other championship teams, and finally found that the Lakers had the best chance.
“He didn’t want to leave Los Angeles in this way.”
Kupchak also told Sun Hao another reason why Carter chose to cut his salary and stay with the team.
The stars of the last century all had backbone. Although Carter carried the team on his shoulders during the Lakers’ darkest period, this dark period also showed that his Lakers career was a failure.
Especially since Sun Hao came back last season, his performance has been very awkward, giving people the feeling that he has been holding back.
If he chooses to leave at this time, then this period of his Lakers career will become the biggest black spot in his career.
So he doesn’t want that to happen.
Of course, there is another point, the joining of Yao Ming.
The addition of Yao Ming has greatly increased the strength of the Lakers. They are fully capable of arm-wrestling with the Warriors and Knicks. At this time, staying is the wisest choice.
After Carter also chose to renew his contract, the Lakers’ lineup for the new season has become very full.
Point guard: Knight, Billups, Thomas
Shooting guard: Sun Hao, Jimmy Butler
Small forward: Carter, Rudy Fernandez, Battier
Power forward: Millsap, Bertans, Draymond De Green
Center: Yao Ming, Jason Smith, Kyle O’Quinn.
This lineup only needs to sign another guard, or it will be enough to enter the season with a 14-man lineup.
And what you can see is that because the Lakers have a large roster, there will be a lot of people squeezed into the last spot.
The free market is coming to an end, and other signings are gradually being finalized.
Curry and the Warriors reached a five-year maximum salary extension.
Because he corrected the way he exerted his strength in advance, he did not suffer major injuries. At the same time, because of Sun Hao’s departure and his own outstanding performance last season, Curry’s “biggest child labor” in history will no longer appear.
But this may be the right way to start your career.
While renewing Curry’s contract, he also renewed Tracy McGrady’s contract with a minimum salary, and then signed veteran O’Neal Jr. from the free market.
The Warriors have retained the core lineup of the previous dynasty and made some reinforcements. They now have a good chance to build on the dynasty and win four consecutive championships!
That was what Sun Hao and O’Neal wanted to accomplish but failed to accomplish in the end!
At this point, the free market freeze period has come to an end.
Yao Ming officially joins the Lakers!
Although this press conference was held earlier than usual, reporters were still gathered at the scene.
As mentioned before, the media have long wanted to know the details of Yao Ming’s joining the Lakers but have been unable to do so.
Now that the official press conference is finally held, they will naturally not miss it.
/In addition to Yao Ming, those attending the press conference also inc