ut, some belated fans couldn’t help but complain about the competition system.

ut, some belated fans couldn’t help but complain about the competition system.
However, there are also a significant number of fans who are excited and excited.
Step by step, the final battle between China and the United States was indeed good, but it lacked a little surprise.
Now this result is unexpected, but also inexplicably expected.
Because two identical teams encounter each other at different stages and have different psychological pressures, their performances will be completely different.
This kind of early encounter creates a lot of unknowns out of thin air.
Even Sun Hao was not sure of victory.
/The reason why I feel this way is not that I am not confident in the current strength of the Chinese team.
Rather, I am not sure about the current status of the US team.
The reason for uncertainty is because the US team lost to Greece in the group stage.
This may sound unrelated, but in fact it is closely related.
The Dream Seven teams in history will overturn. In addition to certain flaws in their own lineup, there is another important reason: lack of preparation.
When the score was stretched and then tried to chase points, the Greek team had already gained momentum and failed to get the score back in the end.
It would be wrong to say that the Dream Seven team is not strong, because in that game they were 16 points behind at most, but they only lost by 6 points in the end.
Now Dream Team 7 lost earlier, and it was in the group stage.
This is like giving them a slap in the face in advance, and they will most likely be alerted.
Naturally, their strength in the knockout rounds will also become stronger.
“Our defensive strategy is to shrink the defense and focus on guarding Cameron from the outside.”
/Fortunately, Harris’s strength is online.
When preparing for the game, he had already formulated the tactics for beating the American team.
The U.S. team’s loss to Greece in the group stage not only provided a wake-up call, but also exposed some problems.
The most important of them is that shooters of the caliber of Battier and Hinrich are still not enough in the FIBA ??arena.
In key games, the only reliable pitcher for the US team is Anthony.
“On the offensive end, we try to play inside as much as possible.”
After all, Harris has been coaching in the NBA for many years and has a thorough understanding of the Dream Team.
A detail that is easily overlooked is that American basketball talents are emerging in large numbers, with small forwards and guards flourishing to connect the past and the future.
But corresponding to this is the rapid decline of the center.
Simply being black, rough and tough can no longer meet the requirements of the game, and international insiders are playing more and more roles in the NBA.
Even the Dream Team, which is known as the strongest team in the new century in history, had only Howard as its center at that time, and the remaining insiders were Boozer and Bosh.
It’s not that the U.S. team didn’t send a team, it’s that they really did