You must know that although McGrady has such a good talent, he has never been in the defensive lineup. Most of the time, he does not work hard on defense.
After successfully defending Sun Hao’s goal, McGrady rarely opened his sleepy eyes.
To use the saying in fantasy novels, when he opened his eyes, a breathtaking light burst out!
This time, it was Jackson who misunderstood Carlisle.
Defending Sun Hao was not Carlisle’s arrangement, but McGrady’s own request!
McGrady’s personality is indeed much different from Kobe’s, but at certain times, his desire to win can also be very strong.
For example, in history, in order to help Houston win in the playoffs, he played in isolation!
Although that move later proved to be unwise, he did it.
Now history has changed, and the first-round virgin has reached the finals. This moment is much more specific than that time!
In the Wizards’ offense, Nelson and Uncle Huo played a pick-and-roll, and after splitting, they faced O’Neal who was defending and shot.
The ball didn’t go in, but O’Neal had no time to take it back. After Yao Ming grabbed the offensive rebound under the basket, he dunked on the second attack!
4 to 0!
The scene was filled with cheers, and Jordan reached out to applaud the team’s performance.
The Wizards got off to a perfect start.
On the Lakers bench, Phil Jackson frowned slightly.
Judging from the fact that McGrady did not participate in the Wizards’ opening two attacks, the Wizards will use McGrady to defend Sun Hao throughout the game tonight.
If Sun Hao and McGrady play one-on-one, the Lakers will be at a disadvantage.
I have to say that the Wizards’ adjustment was in place.
Now, it depends on whether Sun Hao can break through McGrady’s defense.
Payton controlled the ball to the frontcourt and prepared to continue passing the ball to Sun Hao.
/But at this moment, Sun Hao made a new tactical gesture to him.
Payton was a little surprised because that was not Jackson’s tactical arrangement, but he believed in Sun Hao and did it anyway.
This is an inside tactic. After Sun Hao, Ariza and Walker moved to the wings, O’Neal sank to the inside and Payton dropped the ball.
/O’Neal caught the ball and glanced left and right without double-teaming, and directly hit Yao Ming.
Yao Ming couldn’t hold his breath anymore.
In history, Yao Ming was reluctant to defend O’Neal after gaining weight, but now that Yao Ming has not gained weight, it is O’Neal who has gained weight.
One goes down and the other goes up, it’s normal for Yao Ming to be unable to handle it.
But Yao Ming was very smart. After he knew he couldn’t handle it after two attempts, he took off the bench and prepared to use his height advantage to block the shot.
Inside players have a high center of gravity and can easily lose their balance. This would be an easy trap for an ordinary inside player.
But this is O’Neal, who has played against Yao Ming so many times and is already on guard.
When Yao Ming took off the bench, he took advantage of the situation