und himself getting further and further away from the base.

David checked the possible direction of the ‘Iron-Winged Bat Insect’ King on the map displayed on the visor. If the ‘Iron-Winged Bat Insect’ King left the base too far, it would be a question of whether David should continue to track it.
After passing a mountain peak, the ‘Iron-Winged Bat’ king flew downwards, which made David breathe a sigh of relief.
Behind the mountain peak is a deep valley, where the King of ‘Iron-Winged Bats’ descends.
David took out the ‘camouflage cloth’ and covered himself, and carefully approached the edge of the deep valley. At this time, his breath and spirit were all restrained, and he used the ‘silent stealth’ technique to make his footsteps even more silent.
In the deep valley, the surface was covered with gray-brown stones, and the ‘Iron-Winged Bat Insect’ king disappeared behind one of the particularly large stones.
“There is a cave entrance!” David immediately understood that this was probably a lair of the ‘Iron-Winged Bat Insect’ king.
I checked the map again and found that the distance between here and the base was 530 kilometers. This distance was already considered very far.
At least on the map provided by the base, the description of this area is very simple, with only the general terrain shape and no other markings.
This shows that the map information here was drawn by reconnaissance satellites or other aircraft at long distances in the air, and has not been investigated on the spot.
This made David have to be more careful. He was highly concentrated, and the shadow attendants were constantly exploring the surroundings, even underground.
The strange thing is that the location here is obviously very suitable for the Zerg to live, but there is no Zerg. Whether it is on the ground or underground, Shadow Warrior has not found anything.
David began to sneak down the valley. It was said that he was sneaking because the ‘camouflage cloth’ on his body could have a certain hiding effect as long as he moved slowly. Once David was completely still, he could achieve optical invisibility.
Coupled with the sniper master’s skill in hiding his own aura and spirit, it is almost not much different from true invisibility.
David sneaked all the way, and after more than ten minutes, he finally approached the stone where the ‘Iron-Winged Bat Insect’ king disappeared.
Shadow Waiter first saw the entrance of the cave behind the stones. It was a cave entrance surrounded by four huge stones. Stones were also used to cover the top, so that in addition to being close to the stones and passing through the stones Only the gaps between them can be discovered.
/This made David extremely curious as to why the ‘iron-winged bats’ group would hide a cave entrance like this.
Shadow Warrior entered the cave entrance and saw an ordinary first-level ‘iron-winged bat’ hanging upside down from the ceiling of the cave. This should be to protect the cave entrance.
/Shadow Waiter continued to look inward and saw a long passage. David, who was sha