effectively delay the opponent’s back line’s pass, Malone and O’Neal are old and fat, and cannot retreat quickly.

effectively delay the opponent’s back line’s pass, Malone and O’Neal are old and fat, and cannot retreat quickly.
Bell quickly came down this time and hit a layup after receiving a pass from Nowitzki.
/Cooperation from the former Mavericks forward.
14 to 17!
The Mavericks succeeded in consecutive attacks after returning from the timeout. They are not easily defeated!
Phil Jackson stood up and walked to the sidelines at this time, put his two little fingers to his mouth and whistled.
Regarding this whistle, Sun Hao was a little confused when he first arrived at the Lakers, but he soon discovered that Jackson’s whistle was actually not complicated.
Because generally a team only has a few main tactics.
Most coaches use hand signals to cover up, but Jackson just whistled.
Sun Hao reached the frontcourt and directly signaled to pull away and play Bell alone.
O’Neal has sunk to the bottom of the blue, and the Mavericks’ double teams cannot come up.
Sun Hao began to play one-on-one with Bell.
Since Bell arrived in Dallas, Sun Hao has played one-on-one with him every summer.
The familiarity between the two is not much different from that of a husband and wife who know what they are doing as soon as they slap their butts.
Then, just like the usual one-on-one training, Sun Hao still had the advantage.
He stepped back for a three-pointer after a shake.
Bell’s defense was a little slower.
Just that little bit has given Sun Hao a chance.
The ball flew past Bell’s defense and flew toward the basket.
There was a crisp sound, Sun Hao’s three-pointer, another goal!
What is compared is personal ability!
The Lakers scored, but the Mavericks couldn’t start a fast break and had to move into position.
The ball is in Kobe’s hands again.
However, this time Kobe did not attack hard, but played a misplaced offense after picking and rolling with Nowitzki.
He showed his outstanding physical talent, accelerating past Malone’s defense, and showed off his waist after getting inside, dodging O’Neal’s block in the air for a layup.
This series of offensive techniques makes people wet.
Just when he was about to take action, a figure suddenly came out from behind O’Neal!
Sun Hao!
In Kobe’s unbelievable eyes, Sun Hao waved his big hand.
A solid frontal hat!
The tacit understanding between Sun Hao and O’Neal extends beyond the offensive end!
Kobe was stunned.
You want to say that this is the cooperation between Sun Hao and O’Neal, which is a bit incredible.
But if you say otherwise, the tacit understanding between the two is too exaggerated!
The eight-year long run between you and me is not as good as a new love within one month?
In the transition between offense and defense, the Lakers went on a fast break. Finley received a pass from Sun Hao and then made a long-distance run and scored with a dunk.
14 to 22!
The point difference was stretched to 8 points again!
The Dallas fans at the scene were depressed, very depressed!
After the Lakers opened the s