air, and the next moment it rushed out of the post city gate like a sharp sword and submerged into the rolling yellow sand. . Ma Jinliang shouted: “Follow me!”

air, and the next moment it rushed out of the post city gate like a sharp sword and submerged into the rolling yellow sand. . Ma Jinliang shouted: “Follow me!”
Then, dozens of horses galloped out of the city gate of the post station, and were submerged by the yellow sand in the sky.
/Many things happened this night. For example, under the orders of the fake Yu Huatian, Su Huirong really killed Tan Luzi, the second stall owner of the West Factory. Because of Tan Luzi’s death, it also brought a +10 plot twist to Yin Kuang and others. Then, all the people in the West Factory started to make a fuss, all showing off, as if they were going to demolish the entire inn. A group of Tatars, Gu Shaotang, and Yin Kuang almost got into a fight with Xichang Fanzi. In the end, “Yuhuatian” showed his face in the dark, shocked the clueless guy Ji Xueyong, and then took him into the room to “drink tea.” As for Fang Jianzong, who was a little thoughtful, he had nothing to say after “Yu Huatian” faced the secret phrase “Dragon Gate Flying Swords, and you will know the truth and falsehood.” After Ji Xueyong came out, he commanded all the people in the West Factory what to do, with his head held high and his chest held high, and the war was finally eliminated.
Then, Zhao Huaian and Ling Yanqiu, the “competitors” of the “Love Marathon”, also met by chance. People have to sigh that the word fate is really unclear and unclear. Although there is no romantic, classic and touching scene in the original work, such as Ling Yanqiu being injured and Zhao Huaian heroically saving the beauty. However, when they met in the corridor of the inn, one held a sword and pursed his lips and stared, while the other held a flute and smiled with tears. It seemed that there was nothing else between heaven and earth except for each other. Then, the two people slowly walked towards each other, the old-fashioned reunion after a long separation, which may seem dull to outsiders, or even sour, but in their eyes, it is an eternal memory. “That year, Mo Yan and I were also together. When we meet at this place, I will stand here.” “She is right here.” Ling Yanqiu stretched out the flute, “This belongs to you.” “Keep it, I have been playing it for three years. Moreover, the tune you played , it sounds very good.”
The world of blood and swords actually does not lack the beauty of love and joy.
After that, everyone discussed how to deal with the upcoming Yuhuatian. That’s right, everyone! Including the Tatars headed by Chang Xiaowen, and a group of people headed by Gu Shaotang. Why would they, who had no grudges against Xichang, join in? All this is because of Yin Kuang’s plan. And the key to this calculation is Fengli Dao, who is unremarkable except for his appearance!
Fengli Dao loves money, but at the same time he can’t let go of Gu Shaotang, so under the coercion and use of Yin Kuang and others, he ignorantly agreed to pretend to be Yuhuatian. On the other hand, can Gu Shaotang be able to let go of Feng Li Dao? The answer is no! Although the two of them sai