competition on the field is also increasing.

competition on the field is also increasing.
By the time the game reached the last quarter, the scores on both sides were already rising alternately.
At the end of the regular season, the two teams were tied, and the winner was hard to decide.
/Three seconds before the end of overtime, the ball was passed to Jordan.
All the fans at the scene had already stood up, ready to welcome God’s iconic moment.
Jordan caught the ball and faced Garnett, faced Garnett’s defense, and used his signature turn and fade.
/The ball was released and passed Garnett’s fingertips.
With a crisp sound, the hollow fell into the bag.
“Michael, he did it! He did it just like in the past!”
After Jordan hit the ball, even Cole couldn’t help shouting in the commentary box.
That was the thickest thigh he had ever hugged!
Time has proven that it is still very thick!
The scene burst into cheers.
Your uncle is still your uncle!
Even if Jordan is 40 years old, he is still Jordan!
That gold-plated basketball god! Ageless old gangster!
Nelson called a timeout.
In 3 seconds, the Eastern team completely guarded Sun Hao and did not give him a chance to catch the ball.
The ball was finally passed to Kobe, who was covered by McGrady and locked the shooting angle.
But Kobe relied on his incredible waist and abdominal strength to force a three-point shot.
The fans at the scene held their breath.
Allowing Kobe to shoot a three-pointer equals half the success of defense?
This has been the case in the past. Kobe’s three-point shooting has hovered around 30% in recent seasons, and it was only 25% last season.
But this season, Kobe is on target. His three-point shooting percentage so far this season is 38.3%!
What an incredible proposal!
But if you have paid attention to the news between Kobe and Sun Hao, you won’t say that.
Before the All-Star Game this season, Kobe even shot 12 three-pointers in a single game!
There is a reason why Dongmeixike became one of the three major phenomena in the 2002~2003 season!
The red light came on after the ball was released.
Then it drew a long parabola in the air.
There was a crisp sound.
Kobe Bryant defeated the Eastern Conference!
There was an uproar.
Originally, Jordan’s iconic fadeaway hit to defeat the Western Conference and win the MVP was the best ending to his last dance in the All-Star Game.
However, Kobe suddenly became a spoiler!
Moreover, Kobe’s touch was not very good tonight. The highest scorer on the Western team was Sun Hao with 28 points!
In other words, Kobe’s three-pointer helped Sun Hao win the MVP of the All-Star Game.
This is kind of magical!
Sun Hao actually didn’t expect it.
To be honest, Jordan’s performance was much better than in history, and coupled with the sentiment of the last dance, there is nothing wrong with winning the All-Star Game MVP.
But it just so happens that the Western Conference team has Kobe.
He respects Jordan, but he is so paranoid that he doesn’t even know what MVP is on the court.