ys, it looks like we are going to break through the wall, we can’t stay here any longer!” Although Master Big Bard didn’t understand what David was planning to do, he knew he couldn’t stay here anymore. David must have figured out what he was doing. What a vicious plan.

Thinking about David’s previous arrangement, he attracted more than 400 soldiers together, and then detonated the kryptonite powder bomb, killing more than 400 soldiers in one fell swoop.
Fortunately, they did not participate in the siege of David with the soldiers, otherwise they might have the same result as those soldiers.
An unexpected situation occurred at this time, and Master Big Bard naturally did not want to stay.
/“Quickly, break the wall on the left. The back is not far from the central business district. Let’s go there and fight David!” Master Johns agreed.
Just as the five weapons masters quickly rushed towards the left wall, David operated on the ‘K4 military electronic countermeasures optical brain’ again, and he issued a command.
In an instant, the five weapon masters who were running felt their bodies lighten.
“Damn it, David has turned off the gravity system, switch the built-in gravity device of the exoskeleton armor!” Master Big Bard immediately understood what happened and shouted loudly.
The exoskeleton armor has a built-in gravity device, which is a device that allows soldiers to run freely on the ground in the gravity-free environment of space.
You must know that once gravity is lost, the exoskeleton armor does not have a space flight device, so they will not be able to maintain the body’s sensitivity without turning on the built-in gravity device.
But turning on the built-in gravity device also has disadvantages. Their movements will be a little slower than usual.
The five weapons masters did not want to fight David in this situation. In this environment, it would be good if they could use half of their combat power.
Therefore, after the five weapon masters turned on the built-in gravity device, they continued to rush towards the left wall. They were already very close to the left wall, and now they were only ten meters away from the left wall.
“No, don’t kill me!” Deputy Captain Gore’s begging for mercy came from behind them.
Then there were two screams, and the five weapons masters knew that the two deputy captains had been killed by David.
David killed these two peak soldiers with extraordinary ease. It is estimated that the two deputy captains were frightened by David’s previous killings, and they lost gravity at this time. They had just used the built-in gravity device, and they were greatly shocked. Mamoru approached from behind.
David didn’t just run. He used the space flight function of the custom-made exoskeleton armor. The short wings and the other jets of the exoskeleton armor allowed him to fly close to the ground at high speeds in a gravity-free environment.
When he approached the two deputy captains, they also saw him, especially the third-level heavy ax in his hand. This discovery made the two de