build farms in a targeted manner…”

build farms in a targeted manner…”
“Why is it a farm and not a city?” Julie couldn’t help interrupting the young man in surprise, “The difference in population between the two is more than a thousand times.
Isn’t the most important thing now to allow as many people on Earth to migrate to the peaceful world of Noah? ”
Then we all live like beggars. Isn’t it a luxury to even eat a piece of bread with salted fish?” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said with a smile: “We Chinese have a proverb, ‘If you want to attack something first, you must first have a sharp weapon.'” , which means that before doing a complex thing, you must first prepare all the prerequisites for solving the problem.
The living environment of ‘Noah’ is bad enough now…” As he was talking, Haoraisa and another male waiter came over carrying two trays full of food.
After the meal was served, the young man Pointing to the ‘Ocean Offal’ in front of him, he curled his lips, poked a piece of oily lamb liver with his fork, and continued: “Miss Julie, don’t talk about anchors like you, even ordinary reporters and program producers. Noah’s World should also be a profession with a pretty good income.
But for a well-known restaurant whose customer base is aimed at high-income people like you, the most famous special dish actually contains more than half of the ingredients of animal offal. Of course, in fact, I really like chop suey, a food with various flavors, but as a traditional Westerner angle, do you think this is normal? ”
But at least our life in ‘Noah’ is not in danger…” The female anchor seemed to become serious. After a moment of silence, she argued. Unfortunately, Zhang Lisheng felt that it was a waste of time to argue with her seriously, “Okay Julie Miss. We are eating in a restaurant now, aren’t we doing a campaign debate and talking about some light topics?
/for example. Um, Justin and Emma? Watson’s wedding, I remember that Justin is a singer and Emma is a movie actress. How could they suddenly fall in love? ”
Really, I don’t think so…” Zhang Lisheng shrugged and said half a sentence. Suddenly he heard the ring tone of “chirp, chirp, chirp…” from the mobile phone in his pocket. He took out the phone to take a look, and apologized very politely: “Sorry, excuse me for a moment. “, stood up and answered the phone with a slight avoidance.
“Dr. Li Sheng is really a gentleman. Miss Julie, I really don’t understand why you say he is proud and stubborn. I think he is the most humble man I have ever seen in my life. “Looking at the young man’s lazy back, Jones couldn’t help but said to Julie.
“Girl, what I just said was a compliment. You will understand if you know more about men.” The female anchor picked up the orange juice cocktail on the table and said softly with an expressionless expression. At this time, the man she had just praised He was listening to the good news with joy.
/“…Senator Hauger personally called me to apologize. Boss, he beat Barbara. Stern to the Senate before submitting the bill to the House of Represent