ong time.

ong time.
What particularly attracted everyone’s attention was that a five-star red flag hung directly above the cracked blackboard. Different from what several people remembered, this flag was full of filth, and the upper right corner was hanging down. On both sides of the national flag, the words “Study hard and make progress every day” are also incomplete, but there are few words beside them.
Suddenly, Bai Lu suddenly raised his head and pointed at the four ceiling fans above his head. “Look, I said it was a dream. Without electricity, it is impossible for these fans to rotate!”
Zeng Fei scratched his head and said : “It seems that it is really possible that it was just a nightmare.”
“But the question is, is it possible for the six of us to have the exact same dream at the same time?” Li Shuangmu said, “The answer is, it is simply impossible!”
“Then how to explain these “Lu Xialeng pointed around impatiently. It could be seen from her face that the nightmare just now had a great impact on her.
Yin Kuang crossed the table with his index finger, wiped a piece of dust off his finger, and said, “It can’t be explained. But the experience just now has its meaning. No matter what, we must pay attention to it.” As he said that, Yin Kuang re-opened the task panel. Sure enough, the task shown above was exactly the same as before. Then Yin Kuang left his position, strode to the classroom door, reached out to hold the door handle, and took a deep breath.
With a “click” sound, Yin Kuang opened the door fiercely.
At this moment, the nerves of the others were all tense.
But outside the door, it was empty, with nothing but the wall.
Seeing this, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, “It was indeed a dream.”
/But at this moment, Yin Kuang suddenly said: “There are footsteps!” After saying that, he rushed out of the door and disappeared.
Li Shuangmu and Wang Ning reacted the fastest, and Bai Ying rushed out in a flash. Finally, there are Lu Xialeng, Bai Lu, and Zeng Fei.
The moment Zeng Fei rushed out the door, he suddenly stopped, stood at the door, and then raised his head.
A drop of blood fell right between his eyebrows, condensing without splashing.
This slight drop of blood was like a huge stone, pressing on Zeng Fei’s heart.
“Zeng Fei, what are you doing! Why don’t you catch up!” In the empty corridor, I remembered Bai Lu’s shout.
“Oh!” Zeng Fei responded blankly, wiped away the blood, and then ran after him.
/And the classroom door groaned with a “squeak” and then closed with a “click”.
Above the classroom door, there was a swinging metal class sign with “911” written on it. When the metal class sign swung to an angle, a black shadow suddenly appeared! The next time the metal class sign swayed to the same position, the black shadow disappeared.
“Wait a minute! Don’t run!” Yin Kuang shouted loudly on the stairs, and his voice echoed in the stairwell. From the gap in the stairwell, you can see a person going down the stairs very quickly. Although Yin Kuang and others were very fast,