it used to be. It is at least dozens of times stronger than that of ordinary people. Every time he kicks on the red hatch, the hatch is slightly deformed.

it used to be. It is at least dozens of times stronger than that of ordinary people. Every time he kicks on the red hatch, the hatch is slightly deformed.
/The red hatch opened inward. After Liu Qian kicked it more than a dozen times, he finally couldn’t bear the damage to the lock teeth at the edge, ‘Bang! ‘With a muffled sound, he was completely kicked away.
After kicking open the red cabin door, Liu Qian walked into the cabin inside and looked over. Looking at everything in front of him, he was sure that he had never entered here before and had never seen a similar scene, but it was absolutely true. The strange scenes in the cabin just appeared in front of him, and it felt as if they had really existed here a long time ago.
The cabin behind the red hatch was a large experimental area. The scene he encountered as soon as he entered made Liu Qian very unexpected and even a little shocked after witnessing it. It was obvious that there were some unknown secrets hidden in the undersea laboratory, and the person in charge, Wei Liang, did not truthfully confess to him.
There are workbenches, various complex instruments and equipment in the cabin, as well as dissecting tables, glass cabinets, etc.
Just like the huge glass cabinet in front of him, which almost occupied Liu Qian’s entire field of vision, there were at least a dozen women without clothes inside. Their eyes were tightly closed, and many small bubbles appeared on their skin. Some were hugging their bodies tightly, and some were spreading their limbs casually, but all of them had their eyes closed, just floating quietly in the liquid in the huge glass cabinet.
After those small bubbles gathered at the top of the glass cabinet, they were led to an unknown place by a pipe.
What shocked Liu Qian was not the huge glass cabinet, nor the dozen naked women inside, but the watches on the wrists of these women.
The style of these watches is clearly no different from the watches on players’ wrists.
What does it mean? Are they all players?
Liu Qian quickly speculated on two possibilities in his mind. One was that these women were all teleported female players and were caught here. Or when teleporting, they were directly teleported to the undersea laboratory, and then caught by these experimenters, treated as experimental samples, injected with drugs to anesthetize or hypnotize them, and then locked in a glass cabinet.
/The second is that Wei Liang lied. The undersea laboratory has not lost contact with the outside world and has been receiving supplies. These female players were all caught by armored warriors from outside and sent to the undersea laboratory by supply submarines. It was used as an experimental sample.
No matter what the result was, everything Liu Qian saw now was somewhat beyond his expectation. He had seen human bodies used as experimental subjects in other laboratories before, but this was the first time he had seen so many female players being used as experimental subjects at one time.
All of this is probably some kind of secret