tely activate stasis to immobilize the player. Make it impossible to compete with each other in the city.

tely activate stasis to immobilize the player. Make it impossible to compete with each other in the city.
As for the wild world outside the protective cover, there are no rules. If you are not strong enough, you may not only die at the hands of zombies and monsters, but you may even die at the hands of other players.
While Liu Qian was exploring the city and understanding the rules, some very reckless players had already left the city and gone into the wild. They hunted zombies to level up, brought back some chips to strengthen themselves, or exchanged them for coins. Look, After they became stronger, more players formed teams and left the protective shield of the city, and went to the wild to upgrade and strengthen themselves.
Of course, there are also some players who went to the wild, because they witnessed the tragic death of their companions, or their own armors were damaged or their bodies were injured. After returning to the city, they let out bursts of wailing, which made some players trapped in the game world who were already very scared, Became more frightened.
Amid all the chaos after the ‘server launch’, Liu Qian already had his plan. Because he arrived early and knew the location of some better-quality chips in advance, he could strengthen himself in a planned and purposeful manner, without having to mess around like these players.
Based on his own characteristics and his previous exploration of the city and the nearby wilderness, Liu Gan decided to get two things first. It is also a ripper knife with an energy level of level 2, and it is also a superpower storm chip that matches the ripper knife.
Higher-level weapons and chips are in the territory of high-level zombies and monsters in the wild. It is unrealistic to go there with Liu Qian’s current strength. He should first get these two things to arm himself, and then go step by step to find those higher-level ones. weapons and chips.
There are Ripper and Storm Slash chips in several places in this city, but when Liu Qian came to those places, he found that there were guards patrolling those places without exception. When he tried to enter those buildings, At this time, these guards would come forward to interrogate and warn. In order to avoid being punished by stasis, Liu Qian could only temporarily give up his plan to search for these weapons and chips in the city, and see if he could find opportunities later in the night.
Since you can’t find any opportunities in the city, then go to the nearest place with a ripper in the wild and try to see if you can find a way to get the weapon with an energy level of 2, so that you will be better than when you start the server. Other players have a greater advantage.
/There is an exchange office in the city. The exchange office recycles various chips and scrap metals and exchanges them into a common currency called energy coins. Energy coins can be used to buy various things.
There are some things that do not require energy coins when redeemed from the exchange office, such as various initial w