d until the end, I might still die. I may really not survive!

d until the end, I might still die. I may really not survive!
He raised his hand tremblingly, still holding the black stone in his hand, and threw it forward. This is my only choice, the last hope in despair.
The black stone drew a long arc in the air, and the two-faced dog immediately threw me away, and then ran towards the black stone to catch up.
I fell to the ground. Watching the black stones climbing up into the air, time seemed to suddenly slow down. Finally, it began to fall gradually, and the two-faced strange dog rushed forward without any scruples. The moment the black stone fell, it pounced on it.
“Fat man” I spit out blood as I spoke, “Pull the trap and kill it!”
I yelled with all my last strength. The black stone fell into the trap and the black monster also jumped into the trap. Fatty and Brother Jun pull the ropes on both sides. This is a simple lasso trap. The method is to lay a large net flat on the ground, tie a rope to it, and pass the rope through the tree trunk. Once the prey steps into the trap, the rope is immediately pulled to raise the big net from the ground and wrap the prey in it in an instant.
The two-faced monster must have seen this trap, but its persistence in the black stone made it rush into the trap willingly. Fatty and Brother Jung pulled up the rope, and the fishing net with the talisman tightened instantly, and the two-faced monster was hoisted into the air!
It roared in the air, but the barrier on the fishing net was still effective and had a restraining effect on it.
The fat man tied the rope to the big tree behind him and quickly ran to me. I lay on the ground unable to move. I felt pain all over my body. Red blood was flowing in front of my eyes. I couldn’t tell which wound it came from. flowed down.
“Xiao Shan, are you okay?”
the fat man asked.
“I guess I won’t make it.”
He smiled reluctantly, but his throat hurt when he spoke. It was not the pain of a cold and cough, but the burning sensation of broken skin and flesh.
“Stop talking, don’t fucking curse yourself. Brother Jun and I will take its blood right now. Then we’ll take you back. You’ll be fine, fuck!”
The fat man wiped his eyes with the back of his hand. I smiled weakly, thinking that this guy’s face was too big. So there is a lot of water on it.
But suddenly I felt very sleepy, my eyelids started to fight, and I even wanted to close my eyes unconsciously. I experienced this state once in Daheishan, and I was not far away from coma. It seems like it will come in the blink of an eye.
My head hurts, but I am getting used to this pain little by little. I reached into my pocket for a cigarette, but the cigarette case was soaked by the rain. Shaking his head, he sighed feebly.
/The fat man carried the three-edged thorn and charged straight at the monster hanging on the tree. According to the method that the fat man and I discussed before, after we subdued the monster, the fat man needed to hit the magic boy to get the blood behind him, but now it is left to We are running out of