ed very quickly, taking only three seconds at most.

ed very quickly, taking only three seconds at most.
“Three seconds. That’s too short,” I muttered.
“Brother Shan, I have an idea. If we can make good use of these three seconds, we may be able to rescue everyone.” Former Riyuro said, “The entire barrier surrounds the entire building. But those three seconds Zhong’s time barrier is still in a damaged state, which means that every time you take action, it takes at least three seconds to break the barrier. What if we all break out of the barrier the moment you break it? Isn’t it possible?”
“Nonsense, I don’t know? But this is the rooftop. If you want to rush out after I do it, you can only let these people…” I suddenly stopped mid-sentence and stared. I looked at Riyuro in front of me, and the latter nodded slightly at me.
/“I understand what you mean, kid. How many shikigami do you have?” I asked hurriedly.
“A dozen counts as five. Five of them catch two people, that’s ten people. If I catch two, that’s twelve. Leaving aside you, that means there are five people left. If you can find a way to solve the problem of these five people Then we’ll do it.”
“It’s easy!” As I spoke, I walked to the edge of the barrier and looked down, pointing at the soil below. “After I fall, I will turn the soil below into slippery mud. The building is eight stories high, and the first floor is about three meters, so the height of the fall should be about 24 meters. There should be no problem if they fall into the mud. When the time comes, you can rescue them immediately. ”
The two of us. To put it bluntly, our plan is to make a time difference. Three seconds is neither long nor short. When I took action to break the barrier, the former Riyuro immediately led as many people as he could and jumped down the building. The rest of the people also jumped off the building. I turned the land below into mud, so that when they landed, Not only is it safe after that, but it’s also outside the barrier.
“How about I take people downstairs, and if there is any movement above you, we will rush out of the barrier immediately?” asked Riyurou.
“No, the barrier is broken from the top. In other words, it only takes about three seconds from the top, which is the rooftop. When you get to the lower floors, the time is even shorter. When the first floor is not completely broken, it starts to break. It will be repaired in time. Let’s go from the rooftop. Go and tell those people to get ready. I will take action when they are ready!”
Qian Liyulang nodded and walked over. But Mensu next to me asked in a low voice: “We are all gone, how do you come out? You don’t have time to jump out after you break the core barrier.”
/I smiled and said: “Of course I have my own way. ”
Oh? I hope you didn’t sacrifice yourself for them.” After leaving these words, Mensu drifted to Qian Liyulang.
At the same time, after receiving a call from their subordinates in the car to confirm that the transfer was successful, the four God Hunters immediately showed a faint smile. The woman said happily: “Now that we have