his right chest and his left chest in the same manner.

After saluting each other, Alger entered the cabin and walked along the aisle to the captain’s cabin in the distance.
Along the way, he didn’t encounter any sailors or crew members. It was as quiet as the inside of a tomb.
The door to the captain’s cabin opened, and a soft and thick dark brown carpet appeared in front of him. On both sides were bookshelves and wine cabinets. Books with yellowish covers and bottles of dark red wine shone in the light of candles. Unusual luster.
On the desk with the candles were a bottle of ink, a quill, a black metal telescope, and a brass sextant.
Behind the desk, a pale middle-aged man wearing a skull captain’s hat watched Alger step by step, gritted his teeth angrily and said:
“I won’t give in”
“I believe you can do it.” Alger said calmly, as if saying that the weather today is not very good.
“You” the middle-aged man was stunned for a moment, as if he didn’t expect such an answer.
At this moment, Alger slightly arched his body and suddenly rushed forward, instantly closing the distance between the two of them until only the desk remained.
His shoulders tightened, and his right hand suddenly reached out and pinched the middle-aged man’s throat.
Without giving the other party a chance to react, illusory fish scales appeared on the back of his hand, and his fingers used crazy force.
In the crisp sound, the middle-aged man’s eyes were stunned, and his whole body was lifted up.
His legs twitched violently, but he soon regained his composure. His eyes were dazed, his pupils began to dilate, and his crotch gradually became wet, and a foul smell came out.
Alger lifted the middle-aged man up, lowered his back, kicked his feet away, and approached the wall next to him.
Bang, he used the middle-aged man as a shield and slammed forward, his arms as thick as a monster.
The wooden walls shattered with the sound, and the violent wind and rain swept in with the fishy smell of sea water.
Alger twisted his waist and threw the middle-aged man out of the cabin, into the huge waves one after another like mountain peaks.
/The sky was dark, the wind and rain were howling, and the power of nature buried everything.
Alger took out a white handkerchief, wiped his right palm carefully, and then threw it into the sea.
Taking a few steps back, he patiently waited for his companion to enter.
“What’s wrong?” Within ten seconds, the man with soft yellow hair rushed in.
“The captain escaped.” Alger panted and replied in annoyance, “He actually still retains some extraordinary power.”
“Damn” the yellow-haired man cursed in a low voice.
/He came to the breach and stared into the distance, but could see nothing but wind, rain and waves.
“Forget it, he is just incidental.” The yellow-haired man waved his arm, “We will only get credit for finding this ghost ship from the Tudor era.”
Even if he is a lover of the sea, he would not dare to dive into the water rashly in this weather.
“And if the storm continues, the captain won