ries of questions, and I seemed to feel that he already knew that I had been lying for so many years.

ries of questions, and I seemed to feel that he already knew that I had been lying for so many years.
“No, I couldn’t lie to you,” I said guiltily.
/He waved his hand and said, “You must not be a tourist, nor have you gone abroad.”
I was pressed by my father and didn’t know how to answer. At this moment, the fat man came over with two bottles of wine and interrupted me in time. This awkward atmosphere. After he put down his drink, I was about to speak when my father suddenly shook his head at me and said, “Actually, more than ten years ago, you and Xiao Cui often went out to do business, and I felt something was wrong. Outsiders might see your lies. I don’t want to come out, but I know best. I don’t want to know what kind of job you do. I just want to ask if the work you do is illegal and is it harmful?”
I immediately shook my head and said, “No.
” Our old Ba family is not a wealthy family, but we are upright. I believe you have done nothing wrong, so I won’t ask you anything else. In addition, if you don’t dare to call me, I’ll interrupt you. Your legs!” he pretended to scare me.
This may be the conversation between all fathers and sons. When people get older, they like to educate others, but scaring children is actually not that effective. But they like to say that, and at the crossroads of my thirties, I cherish my dad’s nagging.
“I picked it up and got ready to eat. I’m going to be lazy today and make a hot pot to cook the mutton.” The fat man said loudly, “Shanzi, don’t sit there, go and help me adjust the chive flowers. Uncle, please do this.” mouth.”
Whether the food is delicious or the wine is delicious actually depends not only on the food and wine itself, but also on the people who accompany the meal. I have been wandering outside for so many years, and I have eaten delicacies from the mountains and seas that ordinary people have never tasted, but they are not as good as the hot pot in front of me today, and these cans of beer on hand.
My father is getting older and his drinking capacity is not as good as before. After drinking two bottles, his head felt dizzy. After three bottles, he fell into a drowsy state and wanted to sleep. Aunt Xue helped take care of him and helped him back to the room. Only me, Fatty and Yuan Feng with a big belly were left. At this point, we got down to business.
/“507 Why do we want to find you back this time?” The fat man asked. I briefly told him what happened at Crow Ridge Castle. The fat man muttered: “Damn it, I want to ask you for help again. We have been so friendly over the years. It’s not enough yet!”
I smiled and took a sip of wine and said, “The problem is not about favors, but about not being in trouble. What I’m afraid of is that if Mr. Sha dies, many people in 507 will regard me as a thorn in their side. I’m afraid it will continue to be difficult for me.”
“You’re right, Mr. Sha can’t die. To tell you the truth, Deputy Director Xia has been suppressed a lot in the past few years, but 507 has also been in trouble. A new force. Ying L