at happened in the past, but I don’t regret it.”

At this point, Tracy tried to shake her head, but was restricted by the clear ice crystals and invisible spider silk, and failed.
She could only laugh at herself and said:
“Forget it, there’s no need to tell her, just leave it at that.
“You can do it now.”
After saying that, Tracy closed her eyes.
After waiting for a few seconds, she did not feel the pain she expected. Instead, she heard Gehrman Sparrow say in a low voice:
“Say, everyone, please don’t bother me.”
… Tracy was surprised for a while, filled with confusion, and her expression became quite confused.
However, since she was already facing death, such a trivial matter was not worth worrying about. She didn’t think much about it, opened her mouth and said:
“Everyone please leave me alone.”
/As soon as she finished saying this, the same voice echoed on the “Black Death”, louder than before.
The pirates didn’t have any doubts about this, as if they were following a strange pattern, they instinctively avoided the captain’s cabin and continued busy with their own affairs.
The captain said not to disturb her, so of course they won’t go looking for her during this time!
At the same time, Tracy saw Gehrman Sparrow take off his top hat, put it on his chest, and bow slightly to himself, as if to say goodbye.
/Then, she felt isolated from the whole world, everything was quiet, and even the crazy adventurer disappeared.
She got the “undisturbed” environment she wanted.
The “amplification” and “distortion” of the “lawyer” approach!
The ice on Tracy’s body began to melt, but those invisible spider threads still bound her tightly, preventing her from making any movements, not even changing her center of gravity.
So, she could only stand there, like a lifelike wax figure.
“He didn’t kill me…” Tracy stared blankly ahead, briefly in disbelief.
She didn’t think that Gehrman Sparrow didn’t take action because he felt sorry for her. This crazy adventurer had killed many pirates and had never been soft-hearted. Although Tracy thought she was not a normal witch, she didn’t She does too many things to be called a witch, but as a pirate, how can she not do bad things? Whether it was selling slaves or plundering ships, she was experienced in everything.
Similarly, Tracy did not think that Gehrman Sparrow was moved by his beauty and experience and coveted her, because the other person’s eyes were as cold as looking at a dead person.
“There must be other factors…” Tracy’s thoughts raced, and she made associations from things she might be involved in, and quickly made a certain judgment, “It should be that my mother and I are too close by blood, and the witches They are all good at curses. Once I die, my mother will immediately notice that there is something wrong here and avoid it in advance so that Gehrman Sparrow’s subsequent actions cannot find the target. Therefore, he keeps me alive, but he can’t Contact others… From this point of view, no matter whether his action against my mother succeeds or fails, he