ence and there is a precious mirror to suppress it, so there should be no problem.

ence and there is a precious mirror to suppress it, so there should be no problem.
However, the Feng Shui pattern around the ancestral tomb still needs help from the Fengling Mountain God to cover it up.
With the news about Dragon Girl and being prepared in advance, he quickly found out about the case.
With various solutions in his mind, Zhang Jian immediately said seriously: “Thank you princess for informing me in advance. This will save me a lot of trouble!”
Bai Liying said with a smile on her face.
“It would be great if I could help Brother Zhang Dao!”
If you are in good ways, you will get a lot of help, but if you are in bad ways, you will get little help.
Zhang Jian helped Baishui Longjun get out of trouble, which was a great kindness to her and Longjun.
She had a backer again.
Long Jun was able to escape from the trap, regained his freedom, and preserved the foundation of the Baishui lineage.
This kind of kindness is too heavy.
From Bai Liying’s point of view, spreading news like this is natural.
After getting the news from Long Nu, Zhang Jian communicated with the sect to try to find a way to cover up Qianlong’s fate, and also sought advice from the Demon Slayer lineage regarding the Kitchen God’s edict.
On the one hand, the Zhang family’s informants were also mobilized to find the whereabouts of the imperial envoy. Is this related to the Zhang family’s layout? !
Of course, Zhang Jian also shared this news with Qi family allies.
The Qi family is the local leader in Fengyang County.
Fengyang County has more informants than the Zhang family and is more comprehensive.
Sure enough, in the evening, the steward of the Qi family sent news that the strangers who entered Fengyang County went to Dongshen Temple.
“It seems that the old man unexpectedly predicted it again!”
After receiving the news, Zhang Jian changed slightly.
/Knowing that the imperial envoy went to Dongshen Temple, Zhang Jian put a smile on his face.
Dongshen Temple was Zhang Yi’s main attack direction after entering Fengyang County.
For this reason, Zhang Yi has always used his abilities in this direction.
Not only did his wife Zhang Qi frequently offer incense to the Dongshen Temple, but she also sent people to build a “partner courtyard” for the Dongshen Temple in Fengxi County!
Yes, it was the Huoling Temple that Zhang Jian snatched from six Taoists. Zhang Yi made it a “favor”, and there happened to be a golden statue of Patriarch Xuanyang to use to “show merit” at the Dongshen Temple!
Dongshen Temple
After learning about the purpose of the imperial mission, Taoist Yuhe in the Dongshen Temple readily gave suggestions!
First the four major families!
When mentioning the Zhang family, he made no secret of his admiration.
“In my personal opinion, the chance of the Zhang family being rebellious is low. First of all, the Zhang family does not come from a noble family and has limited influence inside and outside Fengyang County. Even though the family has given birth to a great scholar who has achiev