obviously wanting to vent his anger.

obviously wanting to vent his anger.
Lin Yun ignored what Delton was doing, and instead thought about how to capture the blood elf city. The ruins to be explored were right next to a blood elf city, and it was impossible not to capture that city.
/But what can be done to make the reaction of the blood elves not so violent? You know, there are strong people among the blood elves.
As there is a Void Blood Pool, it is also a huge city, and the city protection inside is stronger. The blood elves’ royal city, the city protection can definitely defend against the attacks of eighth-level or even ninth-level heaven-level experts, who only have one foot. Only the mage who has crossed the threshold of igniting the divine fire can tear apart the protection of the blood elf royal city.
But the cities below are not so strong.
However, it is said that no blood elf city has been conquered for hundreds of years. The last time a blood elf city was conquered, it was only a small city in the most remote place. It is not so easy for larger blood elf cities. .
/There may be key clues to the reincarnation of the 73rd God and Demon in that ruins, or some key items that can be used to find the 73rd God and Demon. This is very important and must be gone.
How can we prevent the blood elves from reacting too violently and just make them think that this is revenge?
While I was thinking about this issue, Darry came again.
“Great Lord Merlin, another tauren tribe learned about the great Lord Dragon Clan’s defeat of the blood elves, and they came to attach themselves to him.”
Before Darry could finish his words, a bright light flashed in Lin Yun’s head. .
Yes, Dragon Clan, my identity in the underground world is that of a powerful dragon. The dragon is threatened, and revenge is inevitable, even if the other party is the blood elves. Since the blood elves are most proud of their city defense, then I will tear their city defense to pieces.
It only shreds the city’s defenses, but does not destroy the blood elf cities. If it shreds the protections of several cities in a row, I believe those blood elves will not care too much.
After all, even the blood elves are not willing to provoke the pure-blood dragons in the underground world. If a pure-blood dragon is insulted by the blood elves and comes to take revenge, as long as it is not too excessive, they can only endure it.
If this matter becomes a big deal, the dragons in the entire underground world may not care about it. Although the number of pure-blooded dragons is rare, the number of creatures with dragon blood is very large. As long as the pure-blooded dragon personally summons , when the time comes to fight head-on with the blood elves, the blood elves will suffer heavy losses anyway.
He just tore apart the defenses of several cities and was slapped in the face. The top experts among the blood elves probably wouldn’t care too much.
Thinking of this, Lin Yun told the people of the three major forces this idea. The four forces separated and attacked the blood elf city