now that the ancestor has returned, he will definitely dominate the underworld.

now that the ancestor has returned, he will definitely dominate the underworld.
It’s just that although they know that Lin Xin is very strong, no one understands how strong he is.
At this time, a group of nine people stood in the room, quietly waiting for Lin Xin’s meaning.
Lin Xin sighed softly.
Among the nine people in front of me, the one with the best qualifications is only a fourth-level spiritual vein.
The rest are either third-order or second-order.
Is this the best qualification handed down from the Lin family, his bloodline?
Take a handful of something from your sleeve and sprinkle it lightly.
Suddenly, nine rays of spiritual light with different luster suddenly flew out and landed accurately in front of the nine people. Spin slowly.
There are three small swords and six small knives.
“This is a meeting gift for you. Accept it.” Lin Xin said calmly.
The nine people accepted the gifts one by one. There was a faint smile on their faces, and it was obvious that the most significant harvest of this trip had been achieved.
Lin Xin lost his mood even more when he saw this.
He waved them all out.
Although the Lin family is now well hidden. But whether it was Lin Hesheng or the rest of them, except for the three children at the back, the other six people really didn’t want the Supreme Emperor to suddenly appear.
The Pine Forest Sword Sect is already strong enough and there is no need for someone stronger to control them.
But due to their status and strength gap, they couldn’t say anything.
But the blood relationship between the families has faded a lot, and they are almost like strangers.
“Those three children can be managed with difficulty.”
Lin Xin could feel that the three children were curious and respectful of him.
“The master of the Huangyu Pavilion, Taoist Zhao Yun, has come to ask for an audience with the ancestor of the Lin family.”
Suddenly a message came from outside the study.
“Desolate Jade Pavilion?”
Lin Xin instantly remembered Meng Qi, the master of the Desolate Jade Pavilion, whom he met when he was still in the underworld.
But now that tens of thousands of years have passed, it is probably doubtful whether he will still meet Meng Qi.
He bowed in the direction of Baiyin Dao Palace and flew directly into the distance.
/“Let him come in.” Lin Xin said calmly while sitting on the seat.
Now, whether it is his own strength or the power of the Songlin Sword Sect, he has enough confidence to sit here and summon the master of the Huangyu Pavilion.
After a while, a handsome man with waist-length black hair slowly walked in the door, led by a disciple of the Sword Sect.
Waiting for the disciples to leave, the isolation formation in the study was activated again.
The man suddenly bowed at a right angle of 90 degrees to Lin Xin.
“Desolate Jade Pavilion, Zhao Yun, the underworld branch pavilion, pays homage to Senior Sun Shenjun!!”
His expression was calm, but he was still trembling slightly.
Indeed, with his level of cultivation at the peak of Nascen