his, I just felt that something seemed to happen suddenly, without any expectation at all.”

his, I just felt that something seemed to happen suddenly, without any expectation at all.”
Wang Zhexuan looked at me and said: “I’m afraid we have to speed up the time this time. No matter how you felt in the past, but this time I’m afraid he is serious, He Yang, someone wants to kill you.”
When these words came out of Wang Zhexuan’s mouth, I was shocked. I looked at him, and he looked at me, and then he continued: “No But you, and I, including Zhang Ziang, and even Captain Fan.”
I asked: “Why?”
Wang Zhexuan shook his head and said: “I can’t say why, but I feel this way, so He Yang, you’d better listen to Fan The team’s suggestion is to find a hiding place immediately, otherwise the situation may be very bad later.”
When he said this, Wang Zhexuan began to become a little impatient. I asked him: “What’s wrong with you?”
Wang Zhexuan said: “Here It’s not advisable to stay for a long time, I’m afraid not only you, but also me have been involved, and we have to leave here immediately.” At
this time, Wang Zhexuan’s wound has not been completely bandaged, but this wound cannot be completely bandaged at all, and he needs to go to the hospital It was obvious that Wang Zhexuan had not been to the hospital. I knew what he was worried about. If he went to the hospital, his identity would be exposed and his kidnappers would find him.
Later, Wang Zhexuan asked me regardless of his wounds: “I’m afraid it’s impossible to walk out of the community in a big way now. I’m afraid I’ve been restrained before I even get out of the community.” After hearing
Wang Zhexuan say this, I already understood the current situation. So I said: “I know a place, maybe I can leave.”
/The place I was talking about was naturally the hidden space of 801. I don’t know how many people know about this space now. In short, if I can’t leave the community now, then I can only This place is left, because Zhang Ziang and Wei Zhen once went directly to the outside from here, maybe we can take a gamble at this time.
Wang Zhexuan heard me say this, and he said: “Maybe you can give it a try, but you have to prepare for the worst.”
After that, Wang Zhexuan and I came out of the room, and then went up the corridor to 801. After entering, I quickly closed the door. , came directly to the bathroom, took down the mirror on the wall, and asked Wang Zhexuan to pass through the wooden door first, but at this moment Wang Zhexuan said: “You go from here, I will stay.” Wang Zhexuan suddenly changed his
mind, which made me a little bit Unexpectedly, I said: “But in this case you…”
/Wang Zhexuan said: “I am not their target yet. Besides, I still have a trump card in my hand to save my life. If we both leave from here, then wait until someone finds us. You will be exposed if you come here, so it is the best way for you to go and pretend to be there.” Dou He Taiji.
I was still hesitating, and Wang Zhexuan said: “There is no time, but you have to think about where you are going to hide and whether that place is safe.”
I had no idea at all for a whil