leaders of the various clans are not stupid. It is impossible for anyone to agree to destroy the Great Wall just because of a promise from the four royal families.

This negotiation is destined to be a protracted tug of war.
In the Xueyue Territory, Hudson, who did not know that the situation in the Orc Empire had changed again, was still busy patrolling the territory.
The more intense the civil war in the Orc Empire became, the more prosperous the slave trade became. Every day when I wake up, the sound of a copper bell will be heard from the port, which means that another ship has entered the port.
On average, among the ships entering Crescent Port, there is one ship of slaves in every five ships. It is simply a paradise for slave traders.
/At the beginning, Xueyue Ling could still open up acquisitions. When the orc civil war enters a critical moment, Hudson’s pocket can’t bear it anymore!
Mainly orc slaves are not cheap either. This was Hudson’s own fault. In order to attack the Orc Empire, he deliberately raised the price of Orc slaves.
The rat and rabbit slaves that no one wanted before can now be sold for a gold coin, let alone other slaves.
Of course, compared to human slaves, orc slaves are still very cheap.
Especially after the quantity surged and Mr. Hudson was unable to make purchases, the price plummeted.
The Civil War produced countless prisoners of war, and slave traders who originally accepted any kind of slaves became picky.
Some worthless orc slaves were directly reduced to meat slaves in the orc empire, and were not even qualified to work as hard labor.
Looking at the increasing number of orc slaves in the Near East, Mr. Hudson could not help but sweat on his forehead many times.
The fact that the orcs outnumber the kingdom’s immigrants is a sure sign that the foundation is unstable. However, it is easy to open Pandora’s box, but difficult to close it again.
The noble lords who are accustomed to using orc slaves are not willing to abandon the cheap labor in their hands, even if the kingdom orders it, they cannot stop it.
Including Hudson himself, he wouldn’t be able to bear it if Xueyue Territory stopped using orc slaves.
Fortunately, the hatred between the kingdom and the orcs can still work. Everyone only uses the orc slaves as consumables and does not allow the second generation of slaves to appear.
Looking into the distance and looking at the orc slaves working in groups, Hudson ordered his men: “Tom sent an order to cancel the tax exemption policy for orc slaves from now on.
Starting next month, all orc slaves entering Hong Kong will be subject to a slave tax, with the tax rate tentatively set at 30% of the market price. ”
Things that cut off people’s wealth are never easy. The slave traders who were accustomed to enjoying tax-free treatment were naturally unhappy when taxes were suddenly imposed.
However, the lord has the right to tax, which is a common practice in the mainland. Even if there is support behind him, there is no way to interfere in the internal affairs of Xueyu