o, that’s not the life I want to live.

“Before joining you, I tried to settle on the east coast of Fusac and stop being a pirate, but I couldn’t bear the boredom at all. Every day I just carried wood and moved things. I had to stay at home at night. I couldn’t go to bars. I couldn’t When you go hunting in the wild, your life doesn’t change at all and you have to endure all kinds of accusations and those annoying guys. If you want to beat them up, you have to worry about the police.
“It’s better to be on the ship. Although it’s boring most of the time, you can often go to different places and see different things. Haha, even the most boring time can destroy those guys, train them to become qualified pirates, and tell them They, the one who performs best every month, can spend the night in my room, and then watch them enjoy the torture with excitement and excitement. Of course, spending the night and going to bed are two different things, and they are not the same, depending on my mood.”
Everyone wants something different from a true female pirate. Klein made a pertinent comment and did not think that Nina’s idea was necessarily wrong.
I won’t slander her choices, but if she often kills, sets fire to, and plunders, I wouldn’t mind using her head in exchange for a bounty the next time we meet. Klein looked away and came to the entrance to the suspected black building and towers. .
Subconsciously, he glanced sideways and saw that the shadow in the corner looked normal, but actually had a different feeling.
“The Bloodless One” Histoll was hiding in the shadows even in his dream. According to my effective knowledge of psychology, this was a sign of extreme insecurity. Klein pushed open the entrance, which was also nearly ten meters high. door.
At the creaking sound, his eyes suddenly solidified.
Behind the main entrance is a vast hall supported by two rows of thick stone pillars.
There was no candlelight in the hall and it was extremely dark. As the main door opened, the light from outside came in, making the place clear.
Klein saw brightly colored and gold-colored murals on the walls and domes. They were connected to each other without leaving any gaps, giving the place a grand and sacred feeling.
dong dong dong
A figure turned his back to Klein, using the ax in his hand to chop a long giant tree, and he didn’t know what he was doing.
This figure was wearing a white shirt and a black vest, and did not look like any pirate on the ship.
Other people in this sea area or the pair of mysterious eyes watching me from the deck. Klein’s heart sank. He slowed down and approached cautiously. He came to the side and saw the figure clearly.
/It was a young-looking man with short blond hair in a three-part length and green eyes that were focused and serious.
“What are you doing? Where is this place?” Klein said cautiously.
He intuitively believed that the other party was not the owner of those mysterious eyes.
The young man raised his hand and touched his earlobe and said without turning his head:
“Why are you aski