st that the central part of the continent is too crowded, and there is not a single weak persimmon in the several countries in the central continent, let alone the place where the four wars took place.

If the original target against the Kingdom of Alpha was due to hatred and conflict, then it has now risen to a strategic level. Who made Caesar IV’s cunning maneuvers allow the Holy See to see the possibility of annexing the Kingdom of Ruthenia?
In the Mountain Territory, Hudson has begun preparing for a celebration banquet.
Because there were too many interferences from human factors, the panic in the market did not last long. Especially after the Principality of Moxi stabilized, the chamber of commerce that cooperated with Hudson also realized the business opportunities and joined in the rush to buy bonds, which even drove up the market price.
/After the Holy See joined the rush-buying team, Hudson, who realized that the market was over, immediately ordered a halt to the operation.
Of the two million gold coins prepared in advance, only 1.6 million were spent, but this did not affect the success of this speculation at all.
As the first to take action, Mountain Leader obviously had the biggest piece of cake.
If you buy a bond with a face value of 2.5 million for 1.6 million gold coins, you can still make hundreds of thousands of dollars even if you sell it immediately at the current market price.
What’s more, because of the first-mover advantage, 40% of the 2.5 million bonds are high-interest bonds, with an annual interest rate of 10%.
After the market stabilizes, ordinary bonds will be sold one after another, and the principal will be almost collected, and the rest will be blood profits.
Although there is still a shortfall of hundreds of millions from the original goal of earning enough money to build docks and shipyards, it does not matter.
Having withstood this impact, in the short term, Alpha Kingdom has no risk of default. Holding high-interest bonds and enjoying a few years of income is also a good choice.
At least in terms of capital return rate, the return on bonds is much higher than the return on land reclamation and farming. This is a good business until there is no better investment target.
While Hudson is making money, the Treasury Department is crying. The crisis in the Principality of Moxi has passed, but the troubles in the Kingdom of Alpha continue.
The eight million in cash that the Kingdom finally raised was quickly cashed out. If there hadn’t been a one-month buffer period, I might have already laid down.
“What’s going on? Hasn’t the market already picked up? Why are there still people running on it?”
Caesar IV asked with a puzzled look on his face.
Although bond prices vary from place to place, they are generally on an upward trend. Judging from the general trend, it is only a matter of time before prices return to normal.
When the market price is higher than the early redemption price, then holding the bond to redeem it is obviously an act that harms others but does not benefit o