as about to provide him with a large amount of money. Pound, his tone gradually became warmer.

“Justice” Audrey asked with understanding:
“The simplest example is that at Monday’s Tarot gathering, I knew in advance that I might meet or even conflict with a certain member, so I designed a set of temporary gestures to indicate each other’s identities. When the incident was over, I immediately used that set of gestures to indicate each other’s identities. The gesture is abolished. Well, if you encounter an unexpected situation and have no time to communicate, and you have some doubts, you can find an opportunity to pray to Mr. Fool to confirm whether other members are involved.”
“That’s about it.” Alger breathed out silently.
/At this time, Derrick “The Sun” suddenly said:
“Sorry, I asked a stupid question. Mr. Fool never mentioned what gestures to use when thanking Him. He was just worried that we would be exposed.”
He immediately looked at the top of the long bronze table:
“Your will is our way.”
I just thought of a special gesture. Klein chuckled and said:
He moved his eyes to the other members and said calmly and without any waves:
“That’s it for today’s party.”
“As You Will” All members except “Moon” stood up at the same time.
Emlyn was stunned for a second before he hurriedly stood up and followed the example of other members in saluting.
A deep red light immediately appeared in front of his eyes, and his body felt slightly falling.
Immediately afterwards, his vision returned to normal and he saw the large and small dolls in the room.
“Except Mr. Fool, the other members are not too strong. Could it be that they are all like me, chosen for various reasons? I have the ancestor behind me, and who is behind them?
“It’s ridiculous. I initially thought that the sun was a demigod-level strongman who had just escaped from the pursuit of an angel. Who knew that he was only Sequence 8 and was seeking to be promoted to Sequence 7?
“An rude child, he must not be an adult yet. However, the Silver City and the recurring experiences he mentioned are very weird. I have to find a chance to ask Mr. Nibais, no, first ask Qasimi, and my Father and mother, let’s see if they know about Silver City. Hum, the historical documents of Silver City actually dare to tamper with the deeds of our blood clan.
/“Miss Justice is from Backlund. She is very rich. She is the daughter of a big banker or the heir of a big noble. Maybe she is a banker or a noble.
“Miss Magician looks at me very strangely. She must be admiring the noble vampires. She doesn’t speak much and doesn’t reveal much about herself. Well, she is a quiet girl.
“Mr. The Hanged Man is a mature gentleman who knows a lot and has a noble character. He is willing to answer questions for new members and provide corresponding help and information. It can be seen that he is very popular. The sun and the world are willing to ask him for advice or information.” Ask him for help.
“The world is a guy who is not very likable. When he talks, it’s like there is phle