dragon Alexis and the God of War were still retreating. At this time, the ‘Half Spider King’ and the ‘Ice Silkworm King’ also joined the melee battle, constantly attacking the defense line.

The black dragon Alexis’ dragon claw blocked again. He blocked a stabbing attack from his legs, but his heart sank because his calculation should have blocked two stabbing attacks from his legs.
The attack speed of the ‘Mother Queen’ increased again, causing the black dragon Alexis to miscalculate.
A leg was about to stab the black dragon Alexis, when a ball of earth energy appeared in front of the leg.
The feet of the ‘Mother Queen’ pierced the energy of the earth and slowed down a little. It was this speed that made the black dragon Alexis step back a certain distance and dodge the inevitable blow.
When the black dragon Alexis retreated, his dragon tail swept out, sweeping away the attacks of the ‘Half Spider King’ and ‘Ice Silkworm King’.
/At this time, the God of War was not as calm as before. He was the one who was most severely besieged. The divine power consumed in his body made his divine body somewhat transparent.
David, who was watching the battle, was a little worried. If this continued, he was afraid that if he didn’t use the Zerg god level to kill the God of War’s divine body, the divine body would dissipate due to excessive energy consumption.
David had a feeling that these five gods should have some kind of plan.
It’s just that David saw the five gods in the illusion who were extremely focused at this time, so it was not good for him to inquire about the news at this time.
The ‘Mother Queen’ also felt a hint of conspiracy, but victory was at hand. As long as the God of War was killed, the remaining black dragon Alexis would not be able to withstand their attack.
At that time, the four long-range attacking gods will not be able to counterattack much when the six melee Zerg gods are chasing them.
Just as the black dragon Alexis and the God of War retreated step by step, the God of Justice’s whole body shone brightly. The golden scale in His hand stopped shaking and began to frantically absorb the divine power in the God of Justice’s body.
In just one breath, the descending body of the God of Justice changed from a height of two hundred meters to a height of two meters, and the descending body became extremely transparent.
It feels like even a gust of wind may blow away the divine body of the God of Justice.
Of course, there is no wind in space, and even if there is wind, it cannot enter the defensive circle of the God of Earth, the God of Knowledge, and the God of Wealth.
The God of Justice has paid such a heavy price, and the abilities he has inspired since the beginning of the war are naturally not ordinary abilities.
The artifact golden scale was divided into six parts and appeared above the heads of the six gods.
“God’s Judgment!” The God of Justice said the last word, and his divine body also dissipated.
Even the spiritual mind has become extremely weak, which shows how huge the consumption this