e his father.

e his father.
Since Dong Binhong’s phone number cannot be reached, it means that I can only have one-way contact with him. That is, I can only talk to him when he contacts me. According to Fan Zhen at the communication company, he did Very good disguise, unable to find him.
What kind of person is this Dong Binhong, and what is his relationship with Ma Liyang, because Ma Liyang also has his name on his cell phone.
/I couldn’t calm down with these questions, but Fan Zhen said: “This name will appear on your phone. Since it was not created by the Peng family, it should be someone else. I just want to know how long this name has been in your address book. , do you have a score?”
I was asked by Fan Zhen, because as soon as Fan Zhen asked this question, I knew what he was going to say. I usually am a person who doesn’t pay much attention to my address book, so even if there is one more name and one less I didn’t even pay attention to a name, so I had to tell the truth to Fan Zhen. After hearing this, Fan Zhen asked me: “So what do you think about this matter?”
He would ask me this almost every time I talked to Fan Zhen. I am now Being disturbed by Fan Zhen, my thoughts were naturally a little confused, but I couldn’t think of anything at all for a while, so I had to tell him what I thought after meeting Peng Jiakai: “If the facts are really what Peng Jiakai said, he has not touched me. If it’s a mobile phone, then someone should have stored the number in the police station when it was sealed as evidence. After all, the mobile phone left after I appeared at the scene. When I realized that Peng Jiakai might have tampered with my mobile phone. At that time, my mobile phone had been sealed, but Peng Jiakai said that he had never done such a thing, so the most likely time was only during the period at the police station.” said Yang Cai.
Fan Zhen shook his head and said, “I think this name should have appeared before you suspected it. That is to say, when Peng Jiakai touched your phone, the name was already there, and maybe you were trapped in There is a misunderstanding. I always thought that Peng Jiakai was doing something weird. But what if Peng Jiakai was also looking for Dong Binhong? So when he took your phone under the bed that day, was he looking for Dong Binhong’s phone number? And he also Found it.”
I have never thought about this line at all, and I have never thought about it. When Fan Zhen said this, I could only look at him blankly, and Fan Zhen continued: “Your phone fell. No one should have touched you after you fell into a pool of blood, including those who kidnapped you. There must be a reason why they didn’t take away your phone. But no matter what the reason was, I checked your phone immediately. In fact, at that time I just saw the name Dong Binhong, and I had an impression when you mentioned it later.”
I heard Fan Zhen say this, and I asked him: “Then when do you think it was?”
Fan Zhen frowned, I know him, as long as As soon as he made this move, it showed that there was no definite evide