ne with thousands of people!

In the presence of thousands of people, you can hear a pin drop at this moment. It is extremely silent, as if everyone has lost the ability to speak!
Sun Yaohuo and the others suddenly broke the silence and reminded everyone in this way that you heard it right.
he! yes! envy! fish!
Boom, boom, like a nuclear bomb baptism!
Following Yang Zhongming’s words, the entire audience stood up suddenly, as if they had gone through countless rehearsals beforehand!
And in front of the screen.
Everyone’s faces were filled with a kind of silent shock. They even wondered if there was something wrong with their ears.
who is he?
Is he a fish?
He is Xianyu
He is Xianyu! ! ! ! !
At this moment, in front of countless screens, after a moment of dead silence, terrifying screams were emitted, just like the scene was boiling as if the air pressure of a pressure cooker had been pressed to a certain critical point.
next moment!
Music hall!
This building, which has been passed down for hundreds of years, withstood the most terrifying sound wave attack in history. The whole world was about to explode in this unified scream!
This was the most terrifying scream that had ever sounded in the concert hall for hundreds of years. Some glass products were even shattered by the screams, and some audience members almost fainted from the lack of oxygen from the screams!
/Countless people waved their arms, countless people beat their chests, countless people opened their eyes wide and roared, almost all of them were the same as Sun Yaohuo. At this moment, everyone understood the madness of the fish school.
“He is Xianyu!”
“He turns out to be Xianyu!”
“Who the hell, who scolded King Lanling before? Now stand up for me. Can you easily insult the God that labor and management have loved for so long? Online and offline fights are your choice. Labor and management are no longer afraid. !”
“He is the fish daddy!”
“I scolded Fish Daddy before?”
“I really want to tear my mouth to pieces, but I have been influenced by the trolls on the Internet. Yu Daddy has been my only belief since I started studying music a few years ago!”
Someone is laughing!
Someone cried!
The scene is out of control!
Lin Yuan’s home.
When Prince Lanling took off his mask, the half-peeled apple in his mother’s hand suddenly fell to the ground. Antarctic’s cry suddenly resounded in the room. The retired music teacher suddenly burst into tears: “That’s my son.” Ah, did you see the child’s father? Our son is standing there, he is right there!”
“elder brother!”
Lin Yao also cried!
It’s like tears don’t cost money!
It only took a few seconds for Lin Xuan’s face to go from frozen to crazy. She was laughing and crying at the same time: “Prince Lanling is actually this bastard brother. He is really our Prince Lanling. He is our descendant.” !”
What is dream?
Everyone in the Lin family knows that Lin Yuan’s dream is to sing. No matter how much obstruction h