natural weapon

The Chinese leader looked at the many leaders with flashing faces in the video, and he sighed secretly. In fact, he knew that France was not only intending to attract people with benefits, but also the information on this natural weapon of civilization. This kind of deterrence uses the hands of the enemy to intimidate everyone. You must know that even if Gong Yeyu and Pei Jiao are not demon king level, they are probably not much different. If such two strong men get another civilized natural weapon, then I am afraid they will not be what they are now. The problem is, even if they threaten their relatives, if the other party is really determined, then the world government will never be lucky at all. Therefore, Gong Yeyu and the others will never be allowed to get this natural weapon of civilization. .
After a moment of silence, it is estimated that the leaders of other countries also figured out this truth. Although the French handed over the information about Holy Lance Longinus, this does not mean that they will definitely hand over the information. Handing over the natural weapons of civilization should be more of a warning to the countries in the world government that we are done playing, so you don’t have to think about it easy. Either we all finish playing together, or you send your strongest strength to fight Gong Yeyu and Pei Be proud.
/The President of the United States sighed and said: “Let’s put aside the matter of civilization’s natural weapons for the time being. Now let’s discuss how to assist the soul army headquarters in Western Europe. In addition to the soul army, we also need to be able to contain or even rival Gong Yeyu and Pei Jiao. Therefore, everyone can vote here on whether to dispatch the Easter Island Soul Guards.”
When the words “Soul Guards” were mentioned, everyone present’s brows jumped slightly. After a long time, a majestic old man said, “You can’t send out the Soul Guards. This is our last trump card.” , and there are only thirteen in number. If we send them out, let alone whether they can match the real Demon King-level strength, what should we do if there are just defense loopholes in Easter Island?”
Another person next to him said casually: “You can activate the Titan Soldiers and Winged Dragons for temporary defense. Besides, there are hundreds of soul officers on Easter Island. Even if the Demon King comes to Easter Island in person, he will probably be killed alive.” You’ll be dragged to death, exhausted, right?”
/The old man suddenly became furious, and he shouted: “Are you kidding me? What does Easter Island mean to us? I don’t think you don’t know, right? It means that all continents and ministries have fallen. As long as Easter Island still exists, We still have the last glimmer of hope, but if Easter Island falls, we will die! I don’t agree to dispatch the soul guards!”
“I don’t agree either.” The Chinese leader pondered for a moment and then said: “The importance of Easter Island far exceeds the headquarters of the Soul Army of Western Europe. We must n