moon will survive after these two humanoid nuclear bombs rush into the moon?

“The energy consumption is too great. Although this protective shield can block Demon King-level souls, the energy consumption is too great. It requires the energy cores of at least ten residential areas or two scientific research areas to be able to bear the load. , now we only have two energy cores in residential areas, and they are both incomplete and can no longer bear the load!”
At this time, a middle-aged man standing in the crowd shouted loudly. This man was the leader of the research laboratory, Dr. Jerry.
The generals next to him immediately looked at him, and an old general in the lead shouted: “Dr. Jerry, if you can’t bear the burden, you must continue to bear it, otherwise we will all die without a burial place!”
“But the energy core”
Before Jerry could finish his words, everyone suddenly felt a sudden shock under their feet, followed by a roaring explosion from far away. At that moment, Jerry jumped up and shouted: “Shut it down! Shut it down quickly!” Ah! These energy cores are our lifeblood. If they are gone, how will the people survive!”
The leading old general closed his eyes in pain and said: “Can’t close it! Keep going, keep holding on! Tell the president immediately to take the civilians to evacuate, and retreat towards the interior of the moon!”
/At the same time, the two Lokis on the surface of the moon were also at a loss, but they didn’t know how to break through this layer of protection that they could see and touch, but had been blocking them. However, they didn’t expect that it wouldn’t take long before this… The first layer of protective layer gradually became thinner, and the two of them rushed forward for more than a thousand meters before being blocked again. The two of them immediately liked it, and immediately they rushed into the moon with all their strength.
At this critical moment, the goddess of beauty Freya accidentally looked back and saw a black spot gradually getting bigger in the distance. When she looked carefully, she saw a huge spaceship speeding towards the sky. It was flying so fast that it even exceeded the flying speed of the beauty goddess Freya. It kept getting bigger and bigger visible to the naked eye, and it would reach the moon in a moment.
At this time, even Loki saw the situation behind him. He was silent for a moment, and then said: “The humans in the moon must have contacted the human city, so they sent these reinforcements. But it seems that the time is not right? From now on? It’s impossible for the human city to get here in just a short time, right?”
The beauty goddess Freya also couldn’t understand, but she immediately said: “Let’s kill the enemies coming from behind first, right? Otherwise, even if we enter the moon and there are enemies chasing after us, we won’t have time to find you. The mutated ghost mentioned may have been cut off.”
When the words fell, the two of them flew up and flew towards the cosmic fortress flying in the distance.
In order to avoid the