atus among the four bishops in the War Temple.

But precisely because of this, when the relationship between the War Temple and Lord Arthur broke down, Bishop McKinley quickly lost most of his power.
The remaining three bishops used all kinds of methods. They criticized each other and exposed the secrets of one side, while the other side counterattacked and exposed the scandals of the other side.
/It can be said that during this period, the War Temple was in a state of mutual conflict, and nothing practical was done at all.
/All this happened in the main temple, and the God of War would naturally see it, but his interest was to watch the show and watch something happen and develop.
If the ‘Blood God’ hadn’t attacked Haida, perhaps the God of War would have watched until the Archbishop was elected.
The God of War who was taking a nap was awakened by an attack on his divine mind, and a rare anger rose in his heart.
The God of War’s mind was filled with spiritual thoughts, and he wanted to see who was attacking the statue.
The main statue of each temple has a very small amount of divine thoughts, which ensures that the power of faith can be collected through the statue at any time and enter the small world.
The God of War entered his mind, but he arrived too late. He only saw a familiar blood-red figure, and then his mind was swallowed up.
In the Haida Star War Temple, the blood mist of the ‘Blood God’ surrounded the statue. Taking advantage of the chaos in the War Temple, we finally found this opportunity.
After so many years of investigation by the followers of the evil god, the target of Star Haida was determined.
Now, by offering sacrifices to Haida Star, the ‘God of Blood’ wakes up from his slumber. As soon as he wakes up, he has the opportunity to take revenge on his former enemy, the God of War. The ‘God of Blood’ is extremely excited.
A real war temple was destroyed, and the remaining eleven small war temples only depended on the existence of the war temple in the main city and were not considered real war temples.
Such results can only be regarded as a drop in the bucket for the God of War who controls the entire divine world.
But no matter which temple it is, the divine will of the God of War exists. Eliminating the divine will is equivalent to weakening the strength of the God of War.
The statue of the God of War was filled with cracks as it was devoured by divine thoughts.
The God of War found the area where the divine mind had been lost. He knew that it was Haida. Then he discovered that all the believers in Haida had died, and not a single soul had returned to the small world.
He understood that he had lost a Faith Star. Although the power of faith provided by the Haida Star was humble, a Faith Star was both the source of faith and his face for him.
The God of War estimated that he was the only one among the five gods who had lost his Faith Star. He seemed to feel the ridicule from the four gods.
Even if those ridicules are well-intentioned and joking, they are not acceptable to the God of