he four of them?” One of the three professors who were arguing asked, “Is there any new work to do?”

Of course, Hull knew that these experts and professors were quite disgusted with the work of organizing and translating materials assigned to them by the authorities, and almost all of them were passive and sabotaging the work.
“It’s my private work. There is a collector who has some text rubbings of the Essi civilization. He wants me to help him take a look.” Hull said: “Those characters don’t seem to be orthodox Essi characters. Like a variant.”
/“A variant rubbing of Essi? That’s either a gold inscription or a stele inscription. It’s interesting. I’ll call someone. Everyone should be interested in this. But do you promise that this is your private work?” the professor asked.
/“I swear.” Hull solemnly raised his palms.
“I seem to have seen these rubbings before.”
The person who said this was a professor named Rams. This professor also specialized in Ethiopian civilization, but he was not as famous as Professor Gronfield, whom Hull invited by name.
“I remember–”
“It’s nothing spectacular.”
Professor Hobbs interjected: “These rubbings have been reversed. The people who took these rubbings did not intend to let us know what was written on the real rubbings.”
After the words fell, everyone’s eyes fell on Hel.
“I swear, these rubbings are definitely not mine. I am really just doing others a favor.” Hull quickly explained.
Hull then asked: “Professor Ramsay, do you still remember where the rubbings you saw came from?”
The professor thought for a moment and said, “If I remember correctly, he should be from the Holy See.
“At that time, I was studying the peculiar local customs in Panafilia. One day, a missionary from the local church gave me some rubbings. They looked almost like this and were so thick. It took me half a year to get those rubbings. When the rubbings were translated, I was very puzzled. The contents were so messed up that I couldn’t understand what was going on.”
Speaking of this, Ramsay seemed to have remembered something.
“I still have the original copy and the final translation in my hand. The original translation made me very dissatisfied. I have always been worried about it, so I often take it out and look through it.”
Professor Solon was obviously the leader of the group. He immediately said: “What are you waiting for? Go and get the copy. I want to see what makes it so mysterious.”
Everyone in the small living room was looking forward to finding out the answer to the question, and no one noticed the thoughtful look on Hull’s face.
When Ramsay mentioned the Holy See, he suddenly remembered that he had heard the name Amilton Crosso somewhere. That was on the list given to him by Pope Paul III. Amilton Croseau was the two most famous and famous of the younger generation of the Inquisition. On that list, except for Croseau’s In addition to his identity and resume, there are also comments about this person. Crosso’s evaluation is not very high. He is regarded as a grumpy and foolhardy