and Diana at the same time. Although it was not spiritual resonance, it was no different from spiritual resonance. With one move, both of them paralyzed at the same time.

“Give it up.” Hull laughed.
/“No.” Diana’s character is quite stubborn: “At most, we will die together.”
After saying that, she fully activated her demonic instincts
This “death together” battle lasted for several hours. In the end, it was Hull who begged for mercy. He was slightly weaker, but Diana also won miserably. She was paralyzed on the bed and found it difficult to even move her fingers.
The place where the two people’s bodies met was already muddy, like a swamp after the rain, which made the two people feel extremely embarrassed, but neither of them had the strength to clean it up.
After a while, Diana moved her body with difficulty. She wanted to separate the two people. She felt shy when they were together. The madness just now was the instinct of the demon, but now she has returned to her original self.
Unexpectedly, a gentle twitch did not separate the two people. There was an inexplicable suction force that sucked her and Hel tightly together.
Hull also discovered this. He was slightly startled and immediately dived his consciousness into his body.
What surprised him was that although he had stopped exercising, the flow of Yuanli still continued, and it was no different from when he was exercising just now. The Yuanli flowing between the two people formed a huge circle. Vortex, this invisible vortex is constantly absorbing the energy floating around.
He actually jumped two levels at once and reached a high level.
Hull had felt before that the description of the high-level realm in “The Great Music of Yin and Yang of Heaven and Earth” was very similar to that of Angel Wings.
At this moment, he felt more and more that this was simply a mutated angel wing.
Some of the energy floating around is the energy that leaked out when the veins were damaged just now, some is magic energy, and some is the energy of sunlight transmitted through the window.
Yuan force is the easiest to absorb, and all magical energy can also be absorbed. It just needs to be transformed, part of it becomes magic power, and the other part becomes Yuan force.
Only the energy of the sun was a bit troublesome. Hull felt that his body was heating up. Most of the light energy from the sun was converted into heat energy. This was the reason why the body was heating up. Only a small part of the light energy from the sun was turned into heat. Life energy and magic.
This efficiency is not very high.
However, there is sunlight everywhere, which is far more abundant in quantity than Yuanli and magic energy, so if there is no time limit, the energy obtained from the sun will definitely exceed the other two.
Hel turned his head, controlled a thought force, and opened the originally closed curtains.
The sun suddenly shined on the two people through the window.
Hull suddenly felt that the heat in his body had increased a bit more. Now give him an egg, which is guara