the root reason why people have lost control of Wujie Mountain and have serious internal problems?

According to insiders, on that day, the True Icon of Wujie had aged for hundreds of millions of years, and he never thought that the disciple he raised by himself would betray him.
He treated this eldest disciple as if he were his own son. Many matters in Wujie Mountain were left to Lu Kun to handle and control, but the eldest disciple actually betrayed him?
“How can you bear it? Are you so ruthless and cold-blooded towards your master?” Someone once heard the trembling voice of Old True Saint.
Rumors spread that Lu Kun and his master had an argument in front of the battleship screen from afar.
Lu Kun said that by doing this, he could ensure that 30% of the disciples of Wujie Mountain would survive. The Four True Saints’ Dojo agreed to him and made an oath.
/He believed that even if his master continued to fight hard, he would not be able to save the disciples of Wujie Mountain.
“Are you living as a slave?!” True Sage Wujie angrily scolded.
No one knows the subsequent conversation between master and apprentice.
After this news came out, there was a huge earthquake in the Star Sea, and there were huge waves in the world. At this stage of the confrontation, there was no hope for the Five Tribulations Mountain.
“Holding a bloody scroll, you want to kill my disciples? What do you think I will do?!”
It is said that the True Sage Wujie left the dojo that day and disappeared.
It is a pity that the Four Daochangs have already been prepared and have already introduced their disciples, disciples, etc., as well as the important forces that rely on them, into the True Saint Daochang.
“Wujie, after we got those true blood and Yuan Shen Daoyun, we didn’t activate the blood scroll. You should know that we just wanted to talk to you.”
The true saint of Guixu Dojo said that he was willing to negotiate.
Of course, this is still hearsay and has not been confirmed.
Regardless of whether it is true or false, it is obvious that once negotiations and negotiations are carried out, there will be no good results, and it is difficult to reverse the incident.
Some people speculated that they wanted to force the True Sage Wujie to surrender and give them the opportunity to personally end his life, so as to gain favor and recognition from the must-kill list and be captured by them next time.
In the days that followed, some people saw the True Sage Wujie entering and leaving some secret places, dojos, and even entered the 36th heaven.
Many people were moved. Was he contacting various families? But what confidence could he have to allow other supreme beings to intervene?
Perhaps, only his life as a true saint can be traded.
/“It is difficult to have no calamity. In the past, his master wanted to save him even if he died. Now he knows that he will die, and his obsession is hard to get rid of. He also wants to save as many of his disciples and the forces that rely on him as possible. , It’s a pity that people who value friendship ra