‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ does not even dare to return to his own race, which has many demigod zerg races. As long as it dares to be exposed in front of the demigod zerg race with such a serious injury, the demigod zerg race will definitely kill it. It obtains the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’.

The weak eat the strong, this is the inheritance method of the Zerg.
Neither David nor the black dragon Alexis thought that the “Emperor’s Heritage Pattern” in the Zerg world also included the concept of “the weak and the strong”.
When the Zerg with the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ is weak, the concealment effect of the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ can allow the Zerg to grow rapidly.
But after the Zerg possessing the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ becomes a god, any Zerg will know that it possesses the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’. In this case, the Zerg God-level will be killed by other Zerg regardless of the reason. Stealing the ‘Emperor’s Inheritance Pattern’ is in line with the Zerg’s philosophy of ‘the weak and the strong’.
Of course, it is difficult to seriously injure the Zerg god-level. If the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ hadn’t been unlucky and met the black dragon Alexis, and David, who did not know whether to live or die and dared to attack the god-level, even if it was It received a blow from the doomsday weapon, and the injuries suffered were enough to allow it to retain the strength to protect itself.
At this time, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ did not hate David and the black dragon Alexis. The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was injured in a frontal battle, and the two sides were hostile.
The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ only hated the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’, which broke through the space and left as soon as it returned to the Zerg world.
But the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ chased after him. The blade of the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ was more effective in breaking open space. Regardless of the consumption of divine power, the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ was quickly traced. .
/Tracking, fighting, escaping, tracking again, fighting again, and escaping again, the two Zerg gods kept passing through the space, contacting and separating again and again.
The ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ is getting weaker and weaker. The god-level divine body is continuously strengthened by using divine power. It is difficult to be injured under normal circumstances, but it is more difficult to recover after being injured.
The ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ itself is a Zerg god. Although it has lost the ‘Emperor’s inheritance pattern’, it is very aware of the weaknesses of the Zerg god’s body.
When attacking, the ‘Blade Mantis King’ will distribute highly effective ‘destructive energy’ on its blade.
By attacking the place where the ‘Titan Golden Armor Emperor’ lost its golden armor defense due to injury, the blade of the ‘Blade Mantis Emperor’ swept through its undefended area, placing ‘destructive energy’ into it.
This ‘destructive energy’ not only prevents wounds from healing and consumes the divine power of the ‘Titan