d the meat strands suddenly spurted out, and in an instant, a meat cocoon more than one meter high was formed on the reef.

Materials are continuously input into the meat cocoon through the hollow meat threads, and drastic changes are also rapidly taking place in the meat cocoon.
About half an hour later, a crack suddenly opened in the flesh cocoon.
Wei Xiaobei’s breathing stopped involuntarily. It was naturally impossible for him to completely copy Quetzalcoatl’s body, but he could cultivate a smaller version of Quetzalcoatl’s body.
But just such a one-meter-high flesh cocoon has almost exhausted the material in the altar of life, and the remaining material reserves can only cultivate more than a dozen cannon fodder-level ordinary people.
A full 800,000 standard amount of material was used to cultivate such a fleshy cocoon. How could Wei Xiaobei not feel slightly nervous?
Of course, there is also a hint of Wei Xiaobei’s excitement in revealing the true face of Quetzalcoatl.
Wei Xiaobei knows this. For gods, although most of the clones of gods have the same image as the gods themselves, there are also many clones of gods that show different appearances.
In other words, before you see the true form of a god, it is impossible to tell what its true form looks like just from the appearance of its clone!
/The cocoon of flesh cracked open, and a strange creature entrenched inside emerged from the crack.
It is about five meters long, snake-shaped, with a yellow and red body. It has two pairs of feathered wings. Even if the wings are not flapping, it can easily float in the air.
After Wei Xiaobei saw the shape of this long snake, a name popped into his mind.
Croaking snake!
The Snake is one of the mythical beasts introduced in the Classic of Mountains and Seas, and its shape is exactly the same as the creature in front of you.
So that was it. At this moment, Wei Xiaobei understood instantly.
This Quetzalcoatl should have the blood of the Snake!
But having said that, this singing snake is called a disaster snake in Chinese myths and legends. Wherever it goes, rivers will quickly dry up, causing drought!
/However, the Quetzalcoatl God had a vocation such as harvest, which made Wei Xiaobei a little confused.
But after thinking about it for a while, Wei Xiaobei understood.
Bloodline is bloodline, and priesthood is priesthood. Although there is conflict between the two, they are not impossible to coexist.
Of course, perhaps this is what limits the actions of Quetzalcoatl’s clone in reality.
After understanding the origin of Quetzalcoatl’s bloodline, Wei Xiaobei had a thought in his mind. The snaking snake suspended in front of Wei Xiaobei then turned into a puddle of black water and was sucked back by the flesh threads, which could be regarded as making up for it. material loss.
This Snake is just Wei Xiaobei’s test product. In fact, it cannot be called a Snake. It just has a trace of the blood of the Snake.
Apart from being able to float in the air and drain water within a hundred meters, it has no other abil