n Sparrow.”

“Why?” Daniz asked blurtly.
Although he is a madman and does need to be vigilant, he is not an enemy at the moment, Daniz added silently in his mind.
Anderson smiled and said:
“I am hypothesizing, hypothesizing, if Gehrman successfully finds your captain and rescues her this time, will your captain be somewhat fond of him because of this? And he looks good, has a cold beauty, and is strong. , has reached the pirate general level, and the background is very mysterious, which matches well enough.”
How could it be possible that Danitz wanted to refute, but couldn’t say it at once? The more he thought about it, the more wrong he became.
The expressions of Orpheus and others fell down little by little, and the eyes looking at Gehrman Sparrow’s back were inexplicably more vigilant and wary.
After solving the provocative problem just now, Anderson smiled and followed into the cabin.
Arriving at the captain’s cabin, the first thing Klein saw was the bookshelves that surrounded almost a circle and were filled with all kinds of books.
Generally, the captain’s cabin has a wine cabinet. He muttered silently and walked directly to the desk in front of the window.
According to Daniz’s description, “Vice Admiral Iceberg” Edwina disappeared while conducting research. Therefore, it is Klein’s purpose to find the remaining traces of research. Once enough information is collected, he can go again. Divination above the gray mist.
At this time, there were many things scattered on the desk, including white paper, a round-belly pen, a protruding-belly ink bottle, a copper knife, and some books that were not neatly stacked.
In the middle of the desk is a book bound with parchment, with the words “Grossell’s Travels” written in ancient Fusac language on its dark brown surface.
/Isn’t this the collection of “Vice Admiral Iceberg”? Its origin is mysterious, and it is suspected to be related to the dragon clan and “City of Miracles” Levished. Edwina was studying this before she disappeared. Klein looked at the book and instinctively made a guess.
Seeing Gehrman Sparrow looking at the ancient book, Danitz forced a smile and said:
/“There’s nothing wrong with it, we’ve checked it out.”
Really? I doubt your attentiveness because someone has already looked through it, and there was obviously nothing abnormal. After Klein used his spiritual intuition to initially confirm that Danitz was not lying, he stretched out his hand and asked casually:
“Have you ever read Grossell’s Travels?”
Danitz shook his head, and Blueworth, Orpheus, Jordson and others also shook their heads.
Their expressions seemed to say that they were tired from studying every day and did not want to read any more books during their break.
His fingertips slid across the tawny parchment, and Klein carefully and carefully flipped through the pages.
Soon, he turned to the place where the adhesion could not be opened, and glanced at the content above from the corner of his eye.
“Huh?” Suddenly, his eyes narrowed and he quickly turned back two pages.
He r