fluctuations in the jujube, which is the characteristic of the spiritual fruit.

He put the jujube into his mouth. The sweet taste reached the ultimate point of jujube, and it was accompanied by a cool air that rushed straight into his soul, making him feel shaken.
David looked at the dates hanging on the date tree with some surprise. These dates can actually promote spiritual growth.
Of course, with his strong spirit, the effect of this date is almost useless, but for even a fifth-level Templar, the effect of this date cannot be ignored.
“I’ve seen you, sir!” the voice of the leader of the Spirit Tribe, Sai, sounded.
“You are managing very well here, I am very satisfied!” David said with a smile.
But David did not wait for the response from the Elf Clan leader Sai. He looked at the Elf Clan leader Sai strangely and found that the Elf Clan leader Sai was looking at him in disbelief.
“Great you, the center of the world, the creator of life, the humble Spirit Clan will always be loyal to you!” Sai, the leader of the Spirit Clan, came back to his senses. He lay prone and said in the most humble manner.
In the eyes of Eldar leader Sai, David is obviously different from before. Above David’s head, the hidden world tree cannot be noticed even by the gods.
But as a race that serves the World Tree, how could the Eldar leader Sai not see the existence of the World Tree.
When seeing the familiar World Tree, Sai, the leader of the Eldar Tribe, felt that the world had not abandoned them and that everything they had paid was worth it.
Since World Tree has chosen David, the leader of the Eldar clan, Sai, will unconditionally regard David as his faith and as the god of the Eldar clan.
As the voice of the Spirit Clan leader Sai singing came out, one by one the Spirit Clan appeared. Most of these Spirit Clan were born not long ago, so they were much smaller than the Spirit Clan leader Sai, Elder Ao, and Elder Lei.
They also saw the World Tree above David’s head. These spiritual races originally relied on the trunk of the World Tree and were closer to the World Tree.
All the spirits knelt on the ground and paid the most instinctive salute to David.
/At any time, a being stretches its body unreservedly, exposes its vital parts without any defense, and bends its body and lowers its head. This is a sign of surrender.
Seeing the appearance of the Eldar, David understood in his heart that this was the effect of the World Tree above his head.
“Everyone, get up!” David waved his hand.
“Obey the orders of the great you, the center of the world, the creator of life!” Sai, the leader of the Eldar clan, straightened up and said without any hesitation.
David was also a little helpless. He had corrected the honorific title of the Eldar leader Sai before, but he didn’t expect that the title would now be longer.
“After a while, I need the Eldar to help me govern a planet!” David felt the Eldar’s wholehearted loyalty. He was also very satisfied with the Eldar’s abilities and said aloud.
“The Spirit Clan is at your service at any t