er, the seven-needle acupuncture technique used by Wei Xiaobei on Cheng Dalong was the original version. It is said that in terms of activating the potential, it was only effective for the first three times, and it was difficult to activate it after that.

Well, just activate it three times? This was not the result Wei Xiaobei wanted.
The three of them were eating meat and drinking water, while Wei Xiaobei displayed all the meridians of the human body in his mind, thinking about how to improve the effectiveness of these seven acupuncture techniques in activating potential.
With Wei Xiaobei’s current level of martial arts and strong intellectual attributes, it is not too difficult to do this. Of course, it is impossible to get it right in one step, which requires a long period of experimentation and correction.
After all, if you want to improve the seven-needle acupuncture technique, there are too many places involved, including meridians, qi and blood, even martial arts, and genes.
Of course, Wei Xiaobei probably had an idea of ??the initial improvements when everyone finished eating the barbecue.
But for now, Cheng Dalong has not fully recovered from his weak state, so he can only make plans for the Yang siblings.
“Have you eaten all?”
/A kind smile appeared on Wei Xiaobei’s face, which immediately made Yang Tingting’s eyes dazzled.
Such a warm smile, Yang Tingting felt her heart beating wildly, and an uncontrollable blush appeared on her face.
Well, when faced with the smile of a man with a charm value of 52.4, I’m afraid there are not many women in the world who can resist it.
Even Yang Feifei was a little drunk.
This is really a sin.
Only Cheng Dalong was doing better and was somewhat dissatisfied with Wei Xiaobei, so he was able to withstand Wei Xiaobei’s charm offensive at this time.
In fact, Wei Xiaobei has discovered that charm has a great influence on momentum.
If you act softer, you will be charming and stunning, but if you act more ferocious, you will make the other person feel the storm and fear in their heart!
The effect caused by this is actually a weakened version of the previous Law Order series.
Of course, if the charm doesn’t reach this level, it’s basically useless.
“Eat, eat.”
Yang Feifei reacted after being intoxicated for a moment, her fair little face turned red, and she hurriedly got up and started to pack up.
The four of them continued to move forward. Well, in the eyes of everyone, within a few dozen steps, the street in front began to branch, forming a maze-like terrain.
Even in Wei Xiaobei’s opinion, the terrain of the gray world in Cuihu City changes too quickly.
“It’s a zombie! A zombie!”
Yang Feifei had good eyesight, and he could clearly see what the swaying group of people coming out of the maze was in an instant.
Wei Xiaobei turned his attention away from the seven-needle acupuncture technique in his mind and took a look. It was indeed a zombie.
To be honest, Wei Xiaobei hadn’t seen a zombie for quite some time.
Even in the gray world of Green Lake C