oubtedly a sign of fear.

The black-blooded man is actually afraid of Wei Xiaobei?
Judging from the appearance of Wei Xiaobei, the owner of the island, he has a slightly stout figure and a handsome face. There seems to be nothing surprising about the rest. How can those black-blooded people be afraid of him?
This is really a bit unclear.
Wei Xiaobei’s actions at this time made the core disciples panic: “Master, don’t touch it, it’s high-voltage electricity.”
/However, no matter how timely he tried to dissuade him, it was too late. Wei Xiaobei’s right hand was already close to the high-voltage power grid.
The very familiar arc sound sounded immediately.
Those who closed their eyes couldn’t bear to watch this tragedy happen, while those who opened their eyes wide did so out of a researcher’s professional instinct and wanted to see what was going on with this high-voltage electricity burning the human body to ashes.
The electric arc wrapped around Wei Xiaobei’s body like a devil, almost drowning Wei Xiaobei in an instant. The bright blue electric arc made it impossible to see Wei Xiaobei’s current situation.
In less than a second, the arc disappeared.
Everyone looked at Wei Xiaobei standing in front of the high-voltage power grid with some astonishment.
/Well, it didn’t turn into char or ashes.
Not even the clothes on his body were damaged or scorched at all!
What exactly is going on?
Amid everyone’s confusion, Wei Xiaobei seemed very energetic. He passed through the passage next to the high-voltage power grid and arrived at the lakeside. He closed his eyes and felt the radiation concentration around him.
After a long time, Wei Xiaobei opened his eyes and sighed softly. The radiation concentration here was weakening, perhaps because there was too little black blood in the black blood lake.
However, this level is just right for a biological research institute. If the radiation concentration is higher, it may affect the genes of normal humans.
If this trend continues, the radiation in the Black Blood Lake will be reduced by half in less than half a year. By then, it will be more suitable for conducting some ordinary biological genetic mutation research.
In the end, the black-blooded man did not dare to attack Wei Xiaobei.
To their shallow wisdom, Wei Xiaobei was like a sun suspended high in the sky. They knew clearly that if they dared to offend, death would be waiting for them.
Next, following the custom of big shots traveling, Wei Xiaobei greeted the researchers who insisted on conducting research here and the core disciples who performed the vigilance mission one by one.
After seeing Wei Xiaobei’s action of touching high-voltage electricity, those core disciples understood that the gap between them and the master of the hall was too far.
It can be said that the gap between the two sides is like an elephant and an ant.
Therefore, when Wei Xiaobei met them, these core disciples were far more excited than the researchers.
To put it simply, Wei Xiaobei’s previous deeds had made them admire Wei