on your work? Promotion?

Wei Xiaobei was a little confused when he heard this, but these are not the important point. The important point is that the Pingwheel Messenger may not be seen in the future, which makes Wei Xiaobei feel inexplicably depressed.
But since the Pingwheel Messenger spoke like this, maybe Zhao Yun’s matter can be resolved.
Wei Xiaobei then told Zhao Yun about the injuries caused by the True Sun Fire to see if the Pingwheel Messenger had a solution.
After hearing Wei Xiaobei’s words, the Pingwheel Messenger frowned, which immediately made Wei Xiaobei feel depressed. Could it be that the Pingwheel Messenger didn’t have a solution?
Sun Palace? The Sun Emperor and the Immortal King of Filial Piety?
What are these?
After Wei Xiaobei searched quickly in his mind, he found that among the gods he knew about, there were some related to the sun, such as the Emperor Jun, the Golden Crow, etc. The Sun Emperor of the Sun Palace, the Filial Piety Immortal King, really didn’t know who he was. What god.
It seems that I can only search online after returning to reality.
In any case, judging from what Paddlewheel Messenger means, he can’t help?
/Seeing that Wei Xiaobei’s face turned a bit ugly, the Pingwheel Messenger seemed a little embarrassed, and then thought about it and said: “With this meal, this messenger can help you get rid of the bad luck in your body. If you are willing, In addition to paying for ten immortal dishes, I can also give you a benefit, what do you think?”
Wei Xiaobei thought about it and decided that this was all she could do. The Pingwheel Messenger couldn’t help, but she had already eaten the hot pot and it was impossible for her to vomit it out. But having said that, these ten immortal dishes made it difficult for her to vomit it up. Wei Xiaobei really felt a little sad.
You know, Wei Xiaobei only has 20 immortal dishes in total now.
Before Wei Xiaobei nodded in agreement, the Pinglun Messenger seemed to have guessed something, and with a smile on his face, he added: “If there are 20 immortal dishes, then this messenger can make the decision to upgrade your storage bag. ”
This point aroused Wei Xiaobei’s interest.
You know, after changing the small treasure bag into a storage bag last time, the storage bag with ten cubic meters of space is really useful, but having said that, Wei Xiaobei always feels that the space of the storage bag is still too limited. It is often full, and a lot of meat and so on can only be thrown away in waste.
Although 20 immortal dishes are already spent, and it is more difficult to successfully prepare immortal dishes, they can still be cooked.
Storage bags with larger volumes are not so easy to find. When the Paddlewheel Messenger returns to report on his duties and is promoted, he will have no chance to find another storage bag that can help him improve his storage bag.
Indecisiveness leads to disaster!
/Thinking of this, Wei Xiaobei endured the pain, and not only took out the 20 portions of the thick red porridge, but also took out 10 porti