he elevator.

The three of them entered the elevator and started going downstairs.
In the elevator, Liu Hong was not very familiar with Li Long and Yue Ming, and he didn’t know how to communicate with this stranger.
/For a moment, the atmosphere in the elevator was very quiet and awkward.
Someone has to open the topic first, and this person is not Liu Hong or Li Long, it can only be Yue Ming.
Yue Ming smiled and said: “Hello, two police officers, my name is Yue Ming, Captain Zhang usually calls me Xiaoyue, you can also call me Xiaoyue.”
Li Long was the first to answer: “Xiaoyue, you don’t have to be so polite. My name is Li Long, and this fat man’s name is Liu Hong. We still need to rely on you for this case.”
/Yue Ming said embarrassedly: “I’m just a stupid young man, Officer Li is being polite.”
Liu Hong was not as easy to talk to as Li Long. He said with a hint of ridicule: “I’ve heard that it was you who caught Shu Po, and in the end Captain Zhao had to take the blame.” Liu Hong’s words were somewhat reproachful. Yue Ming, they were reduced to being bullied by Zhang Feng, all because of Yue Ming.
Yue Ming explained: “Shu Po is a criminal, and it is only natural that he should be arrested. Although Captain Zhao does not know it, it is a fact that he helped others commit evil, and punishment is inevitable. Is there anything wrong in what I did?”
Yue Ming’s sharp retort left Liu Hong speechless.
Li Long didn’t want the two of them to smell gunpowder, so he quickly changed the subject and said, “Xiaoyue, Captain Zhang asked us to follow you. Where should we go to investigate now?”
Yue Ming took advantage of Li Long’s topic and replied: “Captain Zhang wants us to investigate the photo studios near the community one by one to see if the deceased has been to any of the photo studios in the past few days.”
Li Long asked doubtfully: “Why do you want to investigate the photo studio?”
Yue Ming shook his head and said: “I only know that the deceased printed a photo, and this photo is the key to this case. Now that the photo is missing, as long as you find which photo studio the photo was printed in, you may find clues to the photo in that photo studio. ”
“I see.” Li Long nodded, “Then where should we start investigating?”
Yue Ming pursed his lips and said, “I don’t know how many photo studios there are nearby. We can only try our luck and go shopping. There’s no need to be in a hurry. Captain Zhang gave us plenty of time.”
Liu Hong mocked again: “It turns out that we are headless flies and can only run around.”
This time it was Liu Hong who made Yue Ming speechless and unable to refute, because Yue Ming had no plan in the first place.
Li Long knew that Liu Hong was because Yue Ming was Zhang Feng’s man. He couldn’t bully Zhang Feng and could only take out his anger on Yue Ming. So he persuaded Liu Hong: “Fat Liu, please stop saying a few words. Xiao Yue seems to be a good person.” , and that person are not together.”
Liu Hong could tell that the person Li Long was talking about was Zhang Feng. When he though