r four people in the “God of Death” had accidents during the two time periods mentioned by Wei Renwu, but two of them happened during the day, and two of them happened at the same time, just now.

Thirty-nine, the devil comes
In a normal class where he teaches students, Professor Fang will behave normally.
Now, Professor Fang is acting so abnormally because today’s class is unusual.
Today’s class has become unusual. The main reason is that there are two more male students today. In fact, in a sense, these two cannot be called students. First of all, their age is inappropriate. Although one is not much older than the student, , but after all, he is still a few years older. The other one is even older, about thirty years old.
Moreover, the two men were not dressed like students. One was wearing a “hedgehog” on his head, and the other was wearing an expensive suit and looked extremely gentlemanly.
Professor Fang knew that these two people were probably coming to find him. First of all, they were definitely not here to listen to the lecture; secondly, as soon as they entered the classroom, they sat in the last row, all their eyes focused on Professor Fang without ever straying from his eyes.
Professor Fang suddenly felt a sense of crisis, but as a professor, he could not let go of his bounden duty. He must finish the lecture.
Therefore, Professor Fang was calm on the surface, no different from usual, but he was very uneasy in his heart. In this contradiction, Professor Fang finished the course he had prepared.
/“That’s it for today’s class. Let’s go back and review today’s class carefully.” Professor Fang announced the end of get out of class.
The students stood up one after another and exited the classroom, but the two people did not follow the flow of students out of the classroom. They stood up, walked through the flow of people, and walked towards Professor Fang.
These were all within Professor Fang’s expectations. He did not escape and stood on the podium, waiting for the arrival of the two men.
The two walked up to Professor Fang and met each other’s eyes. The man in gentleman’s clothing spoke first: “Hello, Professor Fang. Let me introduce myself. My name is Quan Kai, and I am a detective. The person next to me, His name is Li Yi, and he is my assistant.”
Although Li Yi did not speak, he moved two steps to the side, seemingly blocking Professor Fang’s direction from leaving the classroom.
Professor Fang knew what Li Yi meant. He said to Quan Kai: “I know who you are. Since you will find me, I can probably know what your purpose is.”
Quankai smiled and said: “Now that Professor Fang knows the purpose of our coming here, it will be easier for us to communicate. If Professor finds it convenient, can we change the place to talk? I always feel that if we talk here, What’s going to happen next won’t be pretty.”
Professor Fang’s face was ashen, and he knew that he was doomed this time.
On the other side, in a police station in Chongqing, Tan Mingming, a handsome young policeman, dragged a wretched man