He has mastered the layout of martial arts, he has thoroughly written the emotions of martial arts, and he has become proficient in martial arts techniques.

Under such circumstances, this new book called “The Eight Parts of the Dragon” is a work worthy of the public’s expectations no matter what.
Because I always insist in my heart:
If “The Legend of the Condor Heroes” is the sky of Blue Star Martial Arts, then the only person who is qualified to break this sky is Chu Kuang, and only Chu Kuang.
Before the next open class, “Dragon Babu” will be released.
I would like to give you a little suggestion. I hope you will read Chu Kuang’s new book. It may contain test questions that I will take the final exam.
Before that, I will also talk to you about this book.
get out of class is over! ”
Different from another internet celebrity professor.
Professor Wang is obviously supporting “Dragon”.
It’s just that the student became the sinner, and for some reason the students had one more homework to complete.
Even without this assignment, given Chu Kuang’s influence among young people, no matter what the reason, everyone would definitely read this new martial arts book called “The Eight Parts of the Dragon”.
Is it like the propaganda says, self-breakthrough?
Or is it like what someone online said, the more you write, the worse it gets?
The undeniable fact is:
Even if many people really think that Chu Kuang’s new martial arts book will be difficult to break through the shackles of “The Legend of the Condor Heroes”, everyone will still buy it.
Everyone, including the major booksellers in Blue Star.
There is no need to enumerate the tragic examples one by one, and there is no need to do any market research. Blue Star’s major booksellers have ordered a large number of Chu Kuang’s new books from Silver Blue Library!
This led to the publication of Alexander’s work.
/Fortunately, Yinlan Bookstore’s publishing scale has become larger and larger in recent years. In addition to its own, there are also more and more printing factories cooperating with various continents, and it can fully realize the supply to Blue Star’s markets in various continents.
In terms of scale, Yinlan Bookstore has long been the leader in Qinzhou’s publishing industry.
Even in the world, Silver Blue Library is one of the largest publishing companies in the world.
one day!
Two days!
Three days!
/One hundred thousand copies!
Millions of copies!
Millions of copies!
In the second half of October, Yinlan Bookstore worked day and night to complete the order KPIs from major booksellers.
Until the 30th, nearly 20 million copies of “Dragon Babu” exuding the fragrance of ink were freshly released.
Blue Star’s major booksellers sent countless large trucks with their own brand logos overnight to purchase goods at strictly confidential pick-up points. A large number of security personnel equipped with police dogs accompanied the trucks, and finall