The number of viewers in this celebrity’s live broadcast room has increased so fast. Is there something wrong with the data?”

“Xia Fan.”
“Let me see!”
“Oh my God!”
“Look quickly!”
“Everyone from Yu Dynasty is in her live broadcast room. They seem to be celebrating a little girl’s birthday!”
“It’s Xianyu!”
“What are you still doing?”
“Arrange homepage promotion immediately!”
“Why didn’t Yu Dynasty say hello to us in advance? It was too sudden, otherwise we could have promoted it in advance!”
“Let’s arrange homepage promotion first!”
The so-called website homepage promotion is:
As long as you open the website, you will see this live broadcast room.
Under normal circumstances, Huyu Platform will arrange this kind of homepage promotion only when there is an official competition that attracts high attention, or when the website is holding activities.
The Yu Dynasty Group appeared in Xia Fan’s live broadcast room. From Huyu’s point of view, they were obviously worthy of this kind of treatment.
Home page express is open.
The name of this live broadcast room is full of gimmicks: Teacher Xianyu and all the members of Yu Dynasty made a surprise appearance in the tiger fish live broadcast room!
More people noticed this live broadcast room!
And the number of viewers in the live broadcast room began to soar even more crazily!
Major live broadcast rooms.
A voice like this suddenly appeared on the barrage:
“Xianyu is live streaming!”
“Xia Fan’s live broadcast room!”
“The Fish Dynasty is here!”
“Fish Dynasty!?”
“They actually started a live broadcast!”
“Ah ah ah, it’s all in one!”
“Ye Qing is back!”
“I haven’t seen them for a long time!”
“I love Fish Dynasty!”
“Fans of the Fish Dynasty are here to report!”
“Brothers, charge!”
A certain game anchor was shocked:
“Teacher Xianyu started a live broadcast? Did the entire Yu Dynasty come to Huyu’s live broadcast room? Brothers, let’s not play games today and go watch Father Yu’s live broadcast.”
A dance anchor was excited:
“No more dancing, no more dancing. I want to watch Xianyu’s live broadcast. It’s okay if you don’t want to download it. Everyone, please accompany me to watch my husband’s live broadcast!”
The anchor of a certain singing area broke his voice:
“Ah? Teacher Xianyu and Yu Dynasty are in Teacher Xia Fan’s live broadcast room? Sorry everyone, we won’t be singing tonight, farewell!”
An ASMR sleep aid anchor:
“Sleep, you are paralyzed. Hey, Fish Daddy’s live broadcast is on. Do you still want to sleep?”
An outdoor anchor.
“Ori, give it to the brothers. I have prepared a space battleship. Let’s go to the live broadcast room of Yu Dynasty!”
Anchors of all types are going crazy!
There is a familiar anchor Lianmai!
“Everyone from the Yu Dynasty is here in Xia Fan’s live broadcast room, including Father Yu himself. Lao Wang, please come and watch!”
“Damn, I just started a peak match!”
“Hang up.”
/“Fuck, I have to hang up!”
“The other