g is actually a Dharma Furnace without a phase.

But with the integration of the charm itself, Chun Yuzhi’s progress has become very obvious.
Now, the red phoenix has been dissolved into nine fire spirits, and the nine fire spirits have merged into a golden and red fire phoenix.
/In this way, one is nine, and nine is one.
At least, in this smelting process, the flame source of the nine supreme magic flames has gradually become fused and smelted by the Phoenix Sky Fire in the midst of such rotating changes.
This is not the distinctness of Chun Yuzhi’s respective flames after they have been smelted by Tao and Dharma. This is to completely merge into the phoenix sky fire in such a rotation.
Completely, from the magic flame, it transformed into the Tao fire belonging to Chun Yuzhi!
However, such changes are very slow, and Chun Yuzhi’s intuition tells him that even if such a cycle of complexity and simplicity continues, the process of transformation towards Daohuo will still lack some foundation.
“Not only does it return to simplicity, but it also evolves further in the process. The Qingyang Danhai can have such a grand scene of reversing the Yin and Yang world. The root cause is not only the turning of Yin and Yang, but a full eighty A wonderful sutra was compiled and drawn in advance to create a prosperous scene.
If so, then the turning of the scroll is the turning of the yin and yang of the world.
After all, the heat is not yet there.”
Facing the evolution of Chun Yuzhi’s Dao Fire, Chu Weiyang gave this evaluation.
To be honest, if you want to become a Tao fire, you must have the concept of “Tao”. The nine supreme Dharma flames themselves can only create a foundation. The real hurdle is that the nine yin and nine yang become eighty-one. The same as the Miao Sutra.
/With the mutual grinding and collision of these nine dharma flames, it turns into a truly supreme fireworks scene of “a hundred birds paying homage to the phoenix”. First, the prosperity itself is achieved to the extreme, and then, all the birds are unified, and then When you go through the changes of complexity and simplicity, you can truly have the basic framework to achieve the supreme fire.
It must first be extremely prosperous before it can achieve the ultimate transformation from complexity to simplicity.
This is where the difference in “heat” lies.
But this step is very insightful, but if you want to really get through it, it will not be simpler than the penetration of the nine-path flame flame seed itself.
Among them, it not only involves the elaboration and interpretation of principles and Taoism, but also involves the radiance of pure Chunyu Zhiji’s inspiration and the integration of aura.
After thinking carefully for a while, Chunyu Zhifu frowned in distress again.
Simply, when Chun Yuzhi raised his hand again, the sea of ??clouds above the dome suddenly converged towards the center. In the circle of immeasurable divine flowers, in an instant, all the sea of ??fire disappeared. In the same place, There was only one golden and red