urn over and see where she went?” Qin Yanan looked amused and touched her brother’s forehead tenderly. He really would get very angry whenever he saw Zhu Juntang.

Zhu Juntang ran out, went to Yan Qingcheng’s room, and called Yan Qingcheng over. The two girls sat side by side in front of the camera.
/“Cheng Zi.” Seeing his daughter appear, Yan Huaye came over, smiled and waved to greet her daughter, “How about tutoring the third lady?”
/“Let’s talk about the linear equation of one variable.” Yan Qingcheng said. Seeing her mother standing next to Professor Liu with a dimple-like smile, Yan Qingcheng also showed a peaceful smile. It is really rare to see her mother like this. A smile that smells of pure happiness.
After the surprise, Liu Changan frowned again, wondering if his requirements were too low. She was a college student. This was a seventh-grade course, and she was learning the same level as Zhou Dongdong!
“I’m awesome!” Zhu Juntang was proud of Yangyang. There is probably no one as diligent, studious, and talented as him!
Yan Qingcheng was about to say that as long as Zhu Juntang stopped arguing, rational numbers were Liu Changan’s first state and irrational numbers were his second state. Yan Qingcheng asked Yan Qingcheng to use Liu Changan’s two states to refer to irrational numbers and rational numbers in lectures. Yan Qingcheng started teaching. It went quite smoothly.
But she suddenly realized that Professor Liu’s attitude towards Zhu Juntang was so similar to that of Liu Changan towards Zhu Juntang? Exactly the same.
Yan Qingcheng remembered that Zhu Juntang disappeared a few days ago. After Liu Changan found her, he hurriedly asked Yan Qingcheng to help Zhu Juntang make up for the missed lessons.
Liu Changan was not indifferent to Zhu Juntang’s studies, and so was Professor Liu in front of him.
I heard that this third lady, who was already studying at Shonan University, finally completed the two-chapter seventh-grade course. Her expression of surprise was undisguised, just like the landlord knew that his stupid son finally stopped running to the widow’s house and wanted to find her. My daughter-in-law has helped carry on the family legacy!
Although this surprise disappeared immediately, it seemed that he realized that there was nothing to be happy about. Because of this, this subconscious surprise is the most real attitude.
If it wasn’t Professor Liu who was in front of him, but Liu Changan heard the news, he would probably have the same reaction?
It seems that this is not a simple close relationship or a friendship, but it would attract so much attention, right? For example, Qin Yanan and Zhu Juntang had a very good relationship, but as Zhu Juntang’s counselor, Qin Yanan turned a blind eye to her studies. Qin Yanan’s house was even a destination where Zhu Juntang would skip classes.
Qin Yanan was indulgent, but Liu Changan and Professor Liu were strict.
If it were just Liu Changan, that would be fine. He had a completely different personality and attitude from Qin Yanan. In addition, Profes