rson to accept the award for me later.” Old Chen was very nervous, and he was reluctant to call himself the ancestor.

“Where’s Lao Song?” Lao Chen wondered why there was one missing member of Song Zhong’s group, he asked the Zhong siblings.
Zhong Cheng’s eyes dimmed and he said, “Grandpa Song heard that one or two jade talismans can be redeemed for good fortune. He didn’t listen to my great-grandfather’s advice and went out of the city, only to never come back.”
/“My great-grandfather killed those people to avenge Mr. Song.” Zhong Qing said.
New Star and Old Earth together make up four extraordinary beings. After all, Lao Song’s fate is not strong enough.
Not long after, Wang Xuan was wandering around Dixian City and unexpectedly saw Zhou Yun. He actually entered Dixian City.
Wang Xuan suddenly felt a little dizzy, and then he saw Zheng Rui. On his wrist, there was a female alchemist living in the string of beads!
“Xiao Wang!” Zhou Yun was excited and extremely happy, waving to him.
Wang Xuan turned around and ran away, shouting in his heart, stop shouting, you didn’t see me, and I didn’t see you either!
There were ripples in Zheng Rui’s bracelet, and a vague shadow appeared. She looked at his back and smiled.
Wang Xuan’s spiritual field was so sharp that his scalp suddenly exploded. He “saw” the unparalleled female alchemist. She brushed her hair with her hands and watched him go away.
At this time, he was really a little numb. The curtain appeared, and the pre-Qin female alchemist appeared here. This was going to be a king bomb!
In the Earthly Immortal City, many extraordinary beings are frightened. Is that alien demon on the loose? For a moment, their eyes changed when they looked at Zhou Yun. Another big devil came from a foreign land? Scare away the devil from earlier!
Lao Chen also ran away.
“Old Chen, I decided to go outside the city to pick some local products instead of staying in the city.” Wang Xuan prepared to avoid the limelight.
“I’ll go too!” Lao Chen was also a little flustered. He was no stranger to female alchemists, and he had been unable to sleep for days and nights.
Wang Xuan shook his head: “What are you doing out there? A bunch of jade talismans are worth a fortune. No matter what, you have to get the fortune in your hands. Then we can divide it up.”
He promised Qin Cheng that after returning from Mi Di, he would treat him to chicken stewed with golden mushrooms and garlic snails, and he was going to collect these astonishingly valuable “local specialties”.
He has come into contact with and eaten golden mushrooms, but he has never seen the shadow of mountain snails, mainly because the value of this thing is so amazing!
Mountain snails are rare mountain treasures that are born in mountain rocks. If you catch them, dry them and grind them, take one penny a day for half a month, and you can extend your life by five years.
Eating such a small amount can last for five years, which is enough to show what an amazing spiritual creature it is. The leaders of the top chaebols are willi