rateful and mean.” , how inhumane.”

Isn’t that what it is? Wang Xuan said nothing, looked at the wolverine, and then calmly looked at Yikong’s face.
“Kong Xuan, what you said is a bit too much. It seems that our Yunfu Taoist Temple is unkind and intolerant to people. Do you want to trap us into being unkind and unjust?”
A young man came over, with long gray hair, medium build, sharp eyes and temperament. He looked very powerful at first glance. He was a peerless person.
Wang Xuan didn’t like him. He had just witnessed him blocking Luo Ying, Jin Ming, and Chong Xiao. His indifferent look showed that he didn’t care about the aborigines of Black Peacock Mountain. He clearly regarded himself as a superior manager.
“I guess I was wrong, I want to take these friends out to relax, is that okay?” Wang Xuan said.
The gray-haired young man’s name was Jin Rong. As a Taoist who had not been practicing Taoism for a very long time, he was indeed proud of himself. He was startled when he heard this.
Then, his smile became strange. Wasn’t this Kong Xuan very tough in the past? Known as the ultimate limit-breaking prodigy, it’s time to bow down.
Jin Rong pondered reservedly and said, “I’m afraid it’s not possible at the moment. Black Peacock Mountain has not yet been integrated, and some rules cannot be broken yet.”
Then, he added: “Well, it’s not suitable for you to leave recently, so just live here.”
/“What are you talking about?” Wang Xuan’s face was cold. Even he wanted to stay?
The entire Black Peacock clan is here. He has been very restrained, but do some people regard his low-key and politeness as weakness? Could it be that these people just admire the strong and bully the weak?
“I mean, you are also a disciple of Black Peacock, so just stay and don’t go anywhere for the time being.” Gray-haired Super Master Jin Rong said calmly.
Yikong immediately realized that what was worse, he was not prepared to do this. He kept being polite so that Kong Xuan could not find any fault. As a result, this rising star was too self-reliant.
Wang Xuan said in a deep voice: “First, my identity is not limited to this. I live in ancient and modern dojos, and I am also a person from Huaguo Mountain. No one has ever tied me to death here. Second, who are you, qualified to treat me Are you pointing fingers and trying to draw a wall to trap me?”
Gray-haired Jin Rong raised his voice: “Kong Xuan, how can you speak? Who knows that you are a disciple of the Black Peacock Clan. We don’t recognize your other identities. Do you still want to betray Black Peacock Mountain?!”
“Jinrong!” Yikong shouted, trying to stop him. He knew he wanted to do something bad. As a disciple of a foreigner, Jin Rong always felt that he was different. He felt like this when facing Kong Xuan today, which was very problematic.
“Returning to Peacock Mountain? Who are you? You dare to label me like this. Even if a stranger from your dojo comes, you are not qualified to say such things to me.”
Wang Xuan said, walked forward and looked at Jin Rong. He was already